Rebel Order

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Title: Rebel Order
Created by: Dani and Stephen
Date(s): 2019
Focus: Star Wars
Fandom: Star Wars
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Rebel Order is a fannish podcast in the Star Wars fandom.


A long time ago...on another podcast called the Vundacast...Dani and Stephen couldn't stop talking about Star Wars in relation to everything. So this podcast was born to talk about our love for Star Wars and fandom. Reylo4life


  1. Episode 1 (Pilot)
  2. Attack of the 2nd show
  3. Revenge of the 3
  4. All Conjecture
  5. Episode 5: Star Waiting
  6. Resistance Round-Up
  7. 4 Things I want in Episode 9
  8. Asteroid Edition: Doza's Discussion
  9. You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?
  10. Episode 10: And now for something completely different
  11. Let the Dead Past Bury Its Dead
  12. A Podcast Between Podcasts
  13. Star Wars Resistance Season 1 Finale and Leaked Poster Talk
  14. Rebel Order preps the hyperspace jump to SWCC
  15. The Rise of our SWCC Reaction