Ray Holt

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Name: Raymond Holt
Occupation: police captain
Title/Rank: commanding officer
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: Alive
Relationships: Kevin Cozner (husband)
Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Ray Holt is a police captain on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is played by Andre Braugher.


Captain Holt is the cold, calm, and collected captain of the Nine-Nine. He is introduced as the Precinct's strict new Commanding Officer. This is his first command post even though he has served well for many years, which he attributes to racism and homophobia in the NYPD. He loves his corgi named Cheddar, his car named Gertie, and office supplies. He has a husband, whose name is Kevin.[1]


Captain Holt isn't featured in as many works as some of the other characters on B99, but when he is, he is often paired with his husband Kevin. He is sometimes portrayed as a father figure to Jake Peralta.

He is appreciated for his humorous scenes and is the subject of a number of memes within the B99 fandom.

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