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Name: Jacob Peralta
Occupation: police detective
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: alive
Relationships: Amy Santiago (girlfriend), Charles Boyle (best friend)
Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Jake Peralta is a police detective on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is played by Andy Samberg.


Jake is a good detective, but can be the most immature of the precinct at times. He is jokey and sarcastic, but ultimately has a kind heart. He is bad with money, and his favorite movie is Die Hard.

Jake is half-Jewish. He has been friends with Gina Linetti since childhood.


Jake is overwhelmingly shipped with his canon girlfriend Amy Santiago and rarely with anyone else.

Fans have praised the show and Jake's character for its/his feminist values. [1] [2]

It is common fanon that Jake has ADHD with a lot of fans expressing frustration that canon doesn't state he has it. In response to a scene in season 5 episode 3 where Captain Holt asks Jake if he wants a video game or a fidget spinner and Jake confirms he does, one fan said:

so they’re just gonna throw jokes like this into the show but still refuse to make Jake’s blatant ADHD canon, okay, cool cool cool[1]

A similar fanon is that Jake is bisexual.

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  1. Fan response to season 5 episode 3 scene