Rarely Pure and Never Simple

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Title: Rarely Pure and Never Simple
Author(s): fElBiTeR
Date(s): 15 September 2020
Length: 6,139
Genre: slash
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Rarely Pure and Never Simple (AO3)

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Rarely Pure and Never Simple is a Yassen/Alex story by fElBiTeR.


When Alex wakes up on a bed with both his wrists chained to the bedposts and Yassen Gregorovich staring at him from the corner of the room, he knows he’s in for a lot of trouble. It definitely doesn't help that Alex has been harboring a crush on the assassin for over a year and a half now...

Recs and Reviews

Non-con > dub-con > fuck-yes-con speedrun.[1]

Alex Rider Ship Week


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