Radio Free Cybertron

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Title: Radio Free Cybertron
Created by: Brian Kilby
Date(s): 1999-present
Fandom: Transformers
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Radio Free Cybertron is a weekly Transformers podcast. As well as being live broadcast over video, it is currently distributed in MP3 form, and in video form on YouTube and Its current lineup includes host Brian Kilby, JD Church, Rob Springer, LadyWreck, ExVee, John DeLuna, Peter Van, Ender, and Rob Clay. When Brian is indisposed, JD takes over hosting duties. The podcast is affiliated with Transformers fansite TFormers.

Regular sections on the podcast include Aimee Morgan's Comic Corner, in which LadyWreck discusses recent comic releases; Twitter Theater, in which Rob Springer presents quirky YouTube videos; the TFWiki Spotlight, wherein Chris McFeely presents an article of interest on; and a topic of the week. A text-based chat also takes place at the same time as the live broadcast, which is reported on by John DeLuna during the podcast.

Radio Free Cybertron was created by Brian Kilby in 1999. The first installment was released on October 15th of that year, making it one of the very earliest audio internet broadcasts, and predating the creation of the term "podcast" by several years.