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Newsletter Community
Name: The Remus and Harry Prophet (rlhp_prophet)
Date(s): August 2005–?
last updated in March 2006?
Moderator: reddwarfer, djin7, alittlewhisper
Founder: reddwarfer
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: rlhp_prophet at LiveJournal (offline; Wayback Machine link)

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The Remus and Harry Prophet, also known as The Remus Lupin/Harry Potter Prophet, was a newsletter community on LiveJournal for fanworks featuring the Harry/Remus pairing.

The community was founded by reddwarfer, and the inaugural issue was posted on August 15, 2005. Originally, the newsletter was posted semi-weekly, but it was announced on September 2, 2005 that the frequency would be changed to once weekly due to a shortage of Remus/Harry content to report.

The community underwent an unplanned hiatus in late 2005 and resumed posting in February 2006. alittlewhisper and djin7 were announced as new moderators.

The last update may have been in March 2006.[1] Sometime later the LiveJournal community was deleted.[2]


"The Remus/Harry Prophet is a weekly newsletter, updated every Sunday, created solely for the purpose of celebrating the Remus/Harry ship, which although small, has a very dedicated following."

The community tagline was "Because cross-gen is a good thing". Its header linked to Remarry, WishfortheMoon, Scarred, and Mortal Moon.

Editor's Picks

Through November 2005, issues of the newsletter featured an "Editor's Pick" rec of an older fanfic or piece of fanart.


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