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Quiz Fic is fanfic that is either the result of or reward for a quiz (such as on Quotev and Quibblo); it is related to (or a subset of) Reader-Insert, in that the fic is 2nd person Point of View and you, the reader, are supposedly the protagonist. Quiz Fics are usually wish-fulfillment fics; often written by teenagers; are likely to be considered "not real fic" or "not worth reading" outside of the communities that create and read them.

It has four common types:

Seven Minutes in Heaven - the quiz establishes which character you will be paired with; these are often "spin the bottle" arrangements where the fic will describe the 7 minutes spent together. Can also be "20 minutes" or "an hour" or the non-Fluff variant, "7 Minutes in Hell."

What (fandom-of-choice) characters think of you - the quiz asks personality questions; the result is a brief listing of each major characters in the fandom and their evaluation of you, based on your answers. This can also include the details of who would be your best friend, your lover, or enemy; a ficlet may or may not be included.

Chat with (character) (or day with, or date with) - The quiz is structured like a dialogue, giving the character's side of the conversation, and allowing you to chose your answer. The end result is usually an evaluation of what the character thinks of you. (Likes you, doesn't like you, etc.) Plot-ish fic is a rare result.

Who is your (fandom) boyfriend (or girlfriend, or lover... but "boyfriend" is the most common) - A blend of the "chat with" and "what they think of you" style; end result usually includes a reader-insert ficlet, but is sometimes just the name.