Quidditch Pitch Interview with Quizzical (2007)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with Quizzical
Interviewer: Annie
Interviewee: Quizzical
Date(s): November 2007
Medium: online, podcast
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: .mp3 format / .mp4 format
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In 2007, Quizzical was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch as an Editor's Choice author. Her story All That They Had Not Lost was selected as the Editor's Choice for November 2007.

This is an interview done by podcast, and is available in .mp3[1] and .mp4 format.[2] It is 15:58 minutes long.

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Some Excerpts

I read Half-Blood Prince and I was just sort of blown away, so I went online ... [and] stumbled across some scary-bad fanfiction, thought "hm, won't do that again," and then I read Shocolate's Believe that Magic Works. And just thought, that's just fantastic, because I loved how it was like, a way of presenting a theory, but in a story. And I just thought it was brilliant, so I went looking and discovered LJ and I think Checkmated, and then The Quidditch Pitch. ... Actually, it was Proxy by Matilda Bishop[3] that took me to LJ, and I was anonymous in the commenting until someone poked me and said "Oy, you, get an account," and so I did.
[How would you change DH?] You mean apart from Harry and Ron end up shagging? ... Seriously, it would be--I really wish that she had tied in more resolution with the Slytherins. I think that was the only thing that really disappointed me, that they were still sort of off to the side, I thought. I was really looking forward to some resolution--some of them displaying that they were there because of characteristics, but they weren't evil. And that was a bit disappointing.
I have a very strong picture of them [Harry, Ron, and Hermione] in my head, and it's not at all [the actors]. I mean, I adore Dan, I want to just carry him about in my pocket forever, and Rupert--well, don't get me started ... No, they're not who I have in my head. Emma is like, she's not even--yeah. ... She's just not Hermione, is she? Not even close.


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