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Title: Push
Creator: whereistheluv
Date: August 2007
Music: Push & Pull - Nikka Costa
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: offline (vid announcement)
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Push is a Supernatural fanvid by whereistheluv. It was reviewed by zimeham on October 1, 2007 at the reel.

Vidders Notes: "A Dean character study. Dean just keeps on going. (Or as I like to call it "Oh, Dean!").. This song just screamed Dean to me. The first two lines, "Mr. Nothing's got a lot. He's got a lot to say. He's good at being what he's not, and gives nothing away." just sort of summed him and the whole video up for me. He's a guy who's lost everything more than once but he doesn't stop, he just keeps going."

The vid won "Best Character Study" in Round 7 of the Path of the Heart Vidding Awards. In 2009, the vid also won "Best Character Study," "Best Narrative," and Judges Choice Awards in Round 10 of the Friendly Neighborhood Video Awards.


  • "This is a gorgeous introspective mood piece which seeks to display the complex contrasts in Dean’s character in terms of his family’s tribulations and succeeds admirably. It works with a song that is both understated and different, providing a real challenge to upkeep momentum. Much of this vid hinges on the lyrics, something that takes a number of repeats in order to fully understand and appreciate what it is trying to do. While the music choice does clash with the source in terms of tone, the lyrical interpretation and consequential visual matchup becomes its predominant strength."[1]
  • "I loved this back when I saw it for The Reverie style contest and I was beginning to think I would never get to see it completed. It really is a very touching vid. The song works really well for examining Dean's character and it sounds like the sort of track that would be playing on a late night radio station as the Impala drives off into the distance. I just love it so much and it feels quite different from a lot of the SPN vids I've seen."[2]
  • "It's tying you up while you're fadin' into your lie. Oh (sad, quietly wounded) Dean, let me hold you and take away your pain. Oh (wonderful editor, beautiful effect maker, emotion wrecker) whereistheluv, let me steal your talent." [3]
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