Purple Filksong-Eater

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Filk Songbook
Publisher: Buffalo Chip Press?
Editor(s): Susan Landerman
Date(s): 1981-1984
Medium: print
Language: English
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Purple Filksong-Eater is a filksong zine edited by Susan Landerman.

Issue 1

Purple Filksong-Eater 1 was published in 1981.

Issue 2

Purple Filksong-Eater 2 was published in 1982. It has the subtitle: "Interdimensional Lunchtime Magazine."

Issue 3

Purple Filksong-Eater 3 was published in 1983.

Issue 4

Purple Filksong-Eater 4 was published in 1984. It is a combination of reprints from the earlier Purple Filksong-Eaters and new songs by Mark Nanning, Mark Lachance, Charles Matheny, Melody Rondeau, Barbara Cummings, Patrick Jidaro, David Lawter, Trish Leet, N.S. Pirason, and Lisa Scott.