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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Purity's Room
Author: Katherine F.
Dates: 08 May 1999 or before (Webcounter) - 14 October 2000 (last update according to Wayback)
Fandom: The X-Files, Due South. Other fandoms: Sinister Dexter, Gattaca, Chasing Amy, Generation X (novel), Fight Club, Dogma/Clerks, Good Vs Evil, Dead Poets Society.
URL: http://www.virtue.nu/puritybrown/ (Wayback)
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Purity's Room is Katherine F.'s slash fanfiction site.

Main fandoms are The X-Files (ScullySlash and Mulder/Krycek) and Due South (Fraser/RayK).

In addition to fanfiction, there are rants and raves, quotes, poems, links and a Dreambook. The site is the home of the ScullySlash Webring.

Rants and Raves


  • Myths About Feedback - Why Songfic Is A Bad, Wicked, Mean, Nasty, Ugly Thing
  • Who is this Mary Sue person, anyway?
  • The Slash Glossary - "There are other slash glossaries around, but this one's better. (Well, I think so anyway.)"
  • Why Can't We all Just Get Along? - Or, How to Stay Neutral In The Preference Wars
  • Things Not To Do With Your Website
  • Real Person Slash: the final taboo - Is it okay to write about Krycek, but not about Nick Lea? If so, why?
  • Integrity - Lines, and where to draw them, and why.


  • This $TIMEUNIT's recommendations: J.K. Rowling never mentioned that... New recommendations, mes amis: "all based on the Harry Potter books. And before you run screaming in the other direction, let me stress that almost all the stories I'm reccing here deal with the characters in adulthood, and those that don't are not explicit. 'Kay? 'Kay." (Harry Potter slash recs)
  • Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More? - "Now revised, corrected and expanded: the things that make me go "ooh!""
  • The Serge Exam Paper - "This is very silly indeed, and probably won't make sense to anyone who's not on Serge..."
  • Katherine F.'s Loony Theories - "I like to speculate sometimes. Wildly."