Pubwages Interview with Leslie Fish

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Pubwages Interview with Leslie Fish
Interviewer: Aya Katz
Interviewee: Leslie Fish
Date(s): 2011
Medium: skype, online
Fandom(s): Filk and other things
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A 2011 interview with Leslie Fish was conducted via Skype by Aya Katz and posted to "Pubwages."

"The first part discusses Leslie’s recent engagement, her experiences with the Wobblies, her filk music and career, her writing, and some of her views on anarchy.

In Part Two, Leslie talks about how to implement anarchy, through propaganda, cultural and economic change, and massive passive resistance. She discusses the original tea party and how it differs from opportunistic politicians who seek to harness its energy for their own agendas. Leslie declares her support for Ron Paul, and she explores in detail why she thinks he is the best candidate. Finally, Leslie tells us about upcoming events, her new album, Avalon is Risen, and the musical selection for her upcoming nuptials." [1]


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