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Title: Providence
Author(s): Valaks
Date(s): 19 July 2020
Length: 3,147 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Providence (AO3)

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Providence is an Alex Rider story by Valaks.

Summary: Customs was a source of frustration even for world class assassins. All the more so when Yassen sees a very familiar and very unwanted mop of blonde hair in front of him. It had been 3 months since he warned Alex Rider to stay out of this line of work. He had obviously ignored that. The question was - is he working now? (Spyfest 2020 Week 3 Winner) Or: Being Alex Rider’s unofficial guardian angel was more work than it should be but no less worth it.

Recs and Reviews

Somehow both fluffy and sad, read it before Valaks deletes it (Val if you’re reading this, please don’t!! I love this fic!!) No rating, complete. Takes place directly after the events of Skeleton Key.[1]