Project Goldfish

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Title: Project Goldfish
Author(s): Jeff Melcher/Pouncer
Date(s): 9–14 July 1998
Length: ~10,700 words
Genre: gen/non-explicit het, humour
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
External Links: @Lois McMaster Bujold FanFic Archive

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Project Goldfish is a Vorkosigan story by Jeff Melcher (Pouncer), published in 1998. One of the earliest pieces of online fanfiction in the fandom, it originally appeared on the lois-bujold mailing list and is archived at The Lois McMaster Bujold FanFic Archive.

Apparently set during A Civil Campaign (though published before it came out), 'Project Goldfish' is largely a dialogue piece set during a dinner party. It was written in response to a comment on the mailing list: For that matter, I wonder how tempted Miles is to swear Ma Kosti? (good joke--an Armsmen who actually IS a cook!).[1] The story is in the third person, with Miles Vorkosigan as the point-of-view character. Other characters appearing include Alys Vorpatril, Ivan Vorpatril, Simon Illyan, Georg Vorthys, Helen Vorthys and an original character.


'Project Goldfish' has been recommended at Crack Van,[2] and by fairestcat,[3] Melannen,[4] Philomytha[5] and The RCK.[6] Recommenders praised the story's humour and the characterisations of Miles, Alys & Simon.

After a few dark or sad stories, I wanted to leave you with something happy-making. ... I love the overly persistent (to the point of annoying) Miles in this story. It's so very canon. *g* There's some good character interaction, and this tale of the dinner party from hell is very amusing. I love Lady Alys and Simon Illyan here. (raveninthewind at Crack Van)[2]

Pouncer's stories are always a delight and this is one of his finest. In the lead up to Gregor's wedding, Miles hosts an intimate dinner party where conversation gets just a bit out of hand. Project Goldfish is a hilarious mix of sharp dialogue and stellar characterizations, highlighted by Pouncer's fabulous grasp of Miles' inner voice. (fairestcat)[3]

Another difficult dinner party for Miles. Hilarious fic with a lot of discussion of correct protocol and Lady Alys being brilliant. (Philomytha)[5]