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Science Fiction Convention
Name: Pringe Con
Dates: July 11-13, 1980
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Founding Date:
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Con Report

Fringe Con 1 was held in Phoenix, Arizona on July 11 - 13, 1980. Besides Walter Koenig, the guest list included George Takei, Bjo Trimble, Shirley Maiewski and Stan Lee. Walter was at the con on Saturday the 12th along with George Takei.

During the convention, Walter gave a speech in which he discussed the ST movie and answered various questions. He also talked a little about his delightful new book, Chekov's Enterprise. During his speech he said there were no plans at that time for a sequel. to the movie and Paramount had asked Gene Roddenberry to leave his office at the studio. This was, of course, very disappointing news for everyone. Walter said this was the first convention he had ever reported such bad news.

The costume contest was held later in the day. Most of the costumes were creative and showed good workmanship. The costumes were judged using Walter's system of scoring.

Throughout the day Walter signed autographs and talked with the fans. He was very popular with the fans and was largely responsible for the success of Pringe Con 1!! [1]


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