Possibilities (Beauty and the Beast audio recording)

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Title: Possibilities
Creator: Pat Paone
Date(s): 1993?
Medium: audio cassette
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Possibilities is a cassette tape by Pat Paone.

cassette tape cover

It is a combination of Beauty and the Beast (TV) audio extracts from the show interspersed with romantic songs.

From the cassette cover: "Something that should have been. Live the dream in this adult version of Vincent and Catherine's story."

The fan who created this tape, Pat Paone, said: "I also used a bit of artistic license (audio dubbing) to try and make V&C's story a bit more of what we all wanted for them. It was after making this tape that I decided to try and do something similar on video, and that's how my patchwork movie, "Now and Forever," came about." [1]


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