Portal to Hell

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Synonyms: The Leaky Portal to Hell, The Leak
Date Started: June 20th, 2012
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Portal to Hell started as meme created by Reddit user oenoneshore posted a gif of her blonde friend falling off a swing into a puddle underneath[1] and challenges people to make it so it looks like the girl is consumed by the puddle. It garnered over 800,000 notes on Tumblr at theamericankid.com. One Tumblr user, demonseallovesyou, comments with:

"its the G A T E W A Y T O S A T A N S L A I R"

and in reply to that, pumpkinlore, suggest this set-up:

"Am I the only one that, seeing the “it’s the Gateway to Satan’s Lair” comment, images Satan just sitting on his throne of skulls chilling when suddenly this girl plops in from above and he goes “What the fuck?” while sipping his blood-of-the-innocents martini or…?"[2]

In response by that comment, Tumblr artist, hrmphfft, posts a three comic panel of Satan's in his lair as the girl falls through with the comment "I thought we fixed that leak." hrmphfft tagged the post with "#the leaky portal to hell", which in return started a floodgate of others adding on other similar GIFs—and subsequent fanart of Satan getting bombarded by unexpected visitors to hell. This includes: trapdoor guy, skater boy, sidewalk woman, a horse driving a car, Thor and Hawkeye, a mud creature, and characters from Homestuck[3][4]. Tumblr user, peteykins, attempt to invert-and-end the joke by having Satan vanish from hell and onto a street in the real world, having been sick of all the people entering hell[5].

While the meme took off, hrmphfft dubbed the blonde girl "Jenny" and started doing more art/adventures which focused on Satan and Jenny, to check them out: the leaky portal to hell tag. Some even ship Jenny/Satan.

sarahzahde posted a fanfic based on the meme[6].

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