Pop Stand Express Interview with Kathleen Condon

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Pop Stand Express Interview with Kathleen Condon
Interviewer: Marie Antoine
Interviewee: Kathleen Condon
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print
Fandom(s): fandom
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Pop Stand Express Interview with Kathleen Condon was published in Pop Stand Express #17.

Part of a Series

An Excerpt

Fans are always complaining about "formula tv", yet, in our own way, we do much the same thing. There are very few fan stories that can't be figured out in the first couple of pages. It would be wonderful to read a hurt/comfort story where, say, A.J. fell out and Rick did not say, "Oh, my God!" There seems to be such repetition. It's almost as if all we ever do is change the names. I look at a lot of Simon and Simon fiction that looks identical to Starsky & Hutch ten years ago. And a lot of Starsky & Hutch fiction was identical to K/S. Now, let's say, we've got Miami Vice, so we change the names again—Crockett gets shot and Tubbs goes blind; and if Houston Knights catches on, you can almost guarantee it will all be repeated tour? I can't tell if this is simply a pattern everyone follows by rote, or if this is as far as fandom will ever go?