Pop Stand Express Interview with Kate Wallace

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Pop Stand Express Interview with Kate Wallace
Interviewer: Marie Antoine
Interviewee: Kate Wallace
Date(s): November 1986
Medium: print
Fandom(s): fandom, zines
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Pop Stand Express Interview with Kate Wallace was published in Pop Stand Express #14.

Part of a Series

Some Excerpts

About starting to write:
The fiction was also very daunting in a way. I would read my stuff and then pick up something by Susan Lovitz or Connie Faddis and say, "Why am I doing this? Why am I bothering to put pen to paper because I'll never be able to equal what has come before... But the compulsion is still there. I have one now that I'm in the process of rewriting—I hate rewriting, by the way. And I've sent it out to a couple of people and they've said, "Well, I don't understand this, or I can't see that, and I realIze it's because I haven't told the story right. I know the story. It's like a little video playing inside my head. But they can't see that video, so if I don't get everything down the story doesn't make sense. Kind of like "Miami Vice" last season.
About inspiration:
I lean toward action. I rarely go into a lot of psychological probing as to why the characters are doing whatever it is they're doing. I find it easier to plot out a mystery-adventure because I love to read mysteries. To be honest. It's pretty easy to pull an idea for a plot from them... You don't really steal a storyline. You simply get ideas from it.
About what fandom runs on:
Fandom runs on trust. You send someone your money and you trust them to send you their zine. For the most part it works well. I've had a few bad situations occur in Trek, but, I think that's due to the fact the fandom is so large. I think we're getting past most of this, because I've never had anything bad happen with Starsky & Hutch or any of the other small fandoms. Knock wood.