Point of Divergence

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Title: Point of Divergence
Author(s): pongnosis
Date(s): 31 January 2019 - present
Length: 115,433 words so far
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Point of Divergence (AO3)

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Point of Divergence is an Alex Rider story by pongnosis.

Summary: In one world, Cossack heard about Albert Bridge and looked the other way. In another, John Rider found a stray assassin on his doorstep. An AU told in snapshots for the Alex Rider Big Bang. Updates irregularly as real life allows.

Recs and Reviews

Another epic fic from pongnosis that gives us fascinating Rider family (plus Yassen!) dynamics. Child Alex is adorable. Rated Teen, incomplete. Canon divergence pre-Helen and John Rider’s deaths.[1]

A Few Bulbs Short of a Tanning Bed