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Journal Community
Name: Podtor Who
Date(s): 2011-2013
Moderator: Aralias
Founder: Aralias
Type: Challenge community
Fandom: Doctor Who, Gallifrey (audio series), Bernice Summerfield, Torchwood
URL: A Doctor Who podfic-athon., Archived version

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Podtor Who is a Doctor Who podfic fest. It was founded in 2011 by Aralias as part of Pod Aware. On the community profile and rules page for Podtor_Who, Aralias explained:

There's a growing community of readers and listeners out there on LJ, but there aren't that many Doctor Who podfics. As someone who would like to listen to more Doctor Who podfics, I thought I'd do something about it, and founded this community, and this -thon.[1]


  • The fest ran in 2011 from the 20th November to the 19th December. There were 31 podfics posted by a variety of authors and readers. Masterlist
  • The fest ran again in 2013 from the 25th November to the 24th December.


Podtor_Who was not a gift exchange or a prompt challenge, it merely requested that participants post a podfic on a specified day. Further rules include:

All you have to do to play is record 1,000 words of (NEWLY RECORDED) Doctor Who podfic, and post it to this community on a day of your choice - starting the 25th of November and ending 24th December 2013. Please sign up by commenting on this post. The 1000+ can be all one story, or it could be 2x500ish stories, or 10x100 word drabbles etc.


  • Non-English language podfics are definitely allowed.


  • For the purposes of this -thon, crossovers (i.e. Doctor Who/Merlin) are not allowed. My reasoning being that many of the Doctor Who podfics that exist at this current time are crossovers, and it would be good to introduce a much wider range of Doctor Who podfic into the world. Crossovers with Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, Bernice Summerfield, Gallifrey, etc are allowed, although I would encourage fics to have an element of Who in them, rather than being straightforward Torchwood fics, for example.
  • All characters and pairings (or lack there of) are welcome.
  • Classic, New, Big Finish, and novel canons are all welcome.[1]


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