Pod on the Suit

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Title: Pod on the Suit
Created by: betheflame, FestiveFerret
Date(s): 2020-2021
Focus: MCU Stony
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
External Links: Podcast Website

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Pod on the Suit is a fandom podcast run by FestiveFerret and betheflame focusing on the ship Stony and the characters Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.


The show consists of several segments which can be listened to individually.


The introduction is a brief overview of what's included in the podcast and the theme of the episode.


The Interview portion of the show is where Flame interviews a fandom creator to talk about a specific topic that the show is focusing on.

Let's Talk

Ferret and Flame talk about the topic of the show.

Creator Corner

Creator Corner focuses on providing resources for fandom creators.


Minis feature all the fun stuff like fandom projects and Marie's Event's Forcast