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Synonyms: blorch [1]
See also: Zine Farr, Post-Con Depression
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Con Plague ("Con Crud") is a term for becoming physically ill after returning home from a convention.

The cause may be a shared virus transmitted after close living with a large group of people. Or because of poor food handling. Or a combination of things combined with the often terrible health habits of fans at cons (no sleep, poor eating habits...).


  • [1976]: "No more will Mr. Gerrold's dulcet voice selling original xeroxed scripts boom over the whining PA system, no more will Devra Langsam trip over curled carpets, no more will Ike Asimov drool over nubile, young trekkies, no more will the committee crud be caught from the drinking water. It is the End of an Era." [2]
  • [1977]: On the back cover of Star Trek America -- 1977 -- A Retrospective: "Well, as you've probably heard by now, about half the people at the con ended up sick during the next week, with some mysterious weakening ailment. Dubbed Trekkionaire's disease (or con-stipation) or as Lori Chapek-Carleton calls it, the convention crud. It was probably caused by those hot dogs, or the hotel ice, or that "banana cream pie from the kitchens of Landru" from the banquet."
  • [1997]: "So, all in all a fun weekend, [but] I now have the mandatory post-con case of laryngitis/cold." [3]


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