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Interviews by Fans
Title: Interview with Veronica
Interviewer: Bethany
Interviewee: Veronica
Date(s): December 2010
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Hanson
External Links: December 2010 Author: Veronica – Spotlights, Archived version
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In 2010, Veronica was interviewed by Bethany for the spotlights section of her website

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Some Excerpts

Why did you start writing hanfic? How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing hanfic for about 6 months now. Prior to that I had been writing fanfic and slash for 10+ years in various other fandoms. I was on the lookout for a new fandom to write in and the whole idea of the brother dynamic interested me, it’s a nice chance to explore different challenges and conflicts you don’t have in non-brother fandoms. I’ve been a Hanson fan since the MoN days too and used to read some hanfic back in the day so that was the reason it was one of the fandoms I looked into.

What’s it like being part of a mostly American fandom when you aren’t?

Fun but challenging at times. It helps that I’m from a country where we don’t dub movies and stuff so I’ve heard American English since childhood. I have a tendency to really immerse myself in fandoms I actively write in at the moment too, so that makes it a bit easier as well. And I’m a night owl so it suits me that most of the other people in the fandom are American, if I’m in European fandoms I’m mostly awake when everyone else is asleep!

What are your favorite hanfic stories and authors?

The first hanfic I read was And With Each Mile, it’s still one of my favorites and I’m still sad that it was never finished. I really love Guilt and Life Less Ordinary, I spent days doing not much more than reading catching up with those, they are like really great books, couldn’t put them down once I started reading. I tend to fangirl over mostly things Amanda, Abby or Ali write but I do have to say I love most of the hancest (which is what I mostly read in this fandom) writers that are active right now, quality wise, right now, it’s one of the best fandoms I have been.