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Title: Phthonus Series
Author(s): leonidaslion
Date(s): 2009?
Length: 45,000 words (as of February 2012), WIP
Genre: d/s, Wincest
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: the series (AO3)
podfic of the series so far (Audiofic Archive)
story cover by birddi

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The Phthonus Series is a series of Wincest storys written by leonidaslion.

The series is often cites as an exploration of the dub-con concept and focuses heavily on powerplay dynamics between Sam and Dean.

Stories in the series to date consist of around 45,000 words.

  • Phthonus in Lethe. There's only so much jealousy a guy can take, and Sam's reached his limit ...
  • On Phthonus' Altar. Sam makes good on his promises ... and then some.
  • Phthonus Waking. It's the morning after, and Dean finally has time to panic ...
  • Phthonus At The Gates Of Tartarus. That conversation Sam wanted to have just isn't going according to plan ...

juice817 recorded a podfic of the series, which is hosted at the Audiofic Archive. The series has also inspired numerous pieces of fanart.


Whole Series

There are all kinds of fics. Fics to make you feel good, fics to make you feel sad, fics to sweep you away into imaginary worlds. The Phthonus series is none of those. It is fic to get you off. TMI that you’ll have to deal with - this is the only fic I’ve actually masturbated to. It’s really just that good, and if you’ve read much leonidaslion you know why. Phthonus, by the way, is the personification of jealousy in Greek mythology. The first two parts of the series are pure and utter porn, with Sam getting more than a bit possessed by the spirit of Pthonus [metaphorically. I love that I have to make that distinction in this fandom], with the second two parts getting more into the characters’ heads and the case. Includes: supertoppy Sam, eyeliner, some not exactly d/s...but powerplay? that’s closer, rough sex, some waving at dubcon, and a whole bunch of orgasms. [For them and you!][1]
leonidaslion is one of the many amazing writers who grace this fandom. And I believe her Phthonus verse contains the longest, sustained, scorching sex scene in all of creation! But do continue to the morning after and beyond if you can because her characterizations of Sam and Dean are hot, funny and insightful and this is a creepy case file as well.[2]
A Goth nightclub, the guys in leather and eyeliner, aggressive Sam growling and possessive, and public acts of indecency... and it still manages to incorporate their affection for each other. Tremendously, scorchingly hot. Then there's sex in front of a mirror, top!Sam, submissive!Dean. Well-written, intense, character-driven porn, where the love always comes through. Sam is comforting but relentless. Dean is convinced that it's all a bad, bad idea, and that he doesn't deserve what Sam's offering.[3]

Phthonus in Lethe

In addition to this fic being gloriously hot, the author manages to pull off a rare feat, She actually uses sex between Sam and Dean to explore the characters' relationship and what's going on in their heads. This fic actually packs a surprising emotional punch. Go. Read. Enjoy.[4]
This is my favourite Jealous!Sam fic - Sam and Dean are undercover in a goth bar and when Sam snaps, he takes it public. Steamy bar sexy times! This is part of the Phthonus series, and though the series was never completed, this is my favourite part, and stands alone.[5]
Okay, this isn’t marked as non-con but I’m calling it dubious consent, cause Dean’s not always completely for it. (Lack of “No” doesn’t mean “Yes”) Dean does say it was consensual after, but I’m still saying possible non-con cause it was iffy while it was happening.[6]



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