Phoenix Rising (Phoenix zine)

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Title: Phoenix Rising
Publisher: Phi/Rho Press
Author(s): Theresa Holmes
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Phoenix
Language: English
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Phoenix Rising is a gen Phoenix novel by Theresa Holmes. It contains Book One of "Hunting the Red Wolf."

From a personal statement from the author in Universal Translator #24: "For those who want to know where their money goes when they order 'Phoenix Rising': It immediately goes into an escrow account where it will accumulate until I have enough orders (I need a minimum of 300) to justify the cost of printing and mailing them. I have picked up all other production expenses, but $1200 to print and mail a high quality offset magazine is too much for one average-type person to stand without help. The zine is ready now, and will go to the printer in mid-September. Be assured, you will get what you order or your money back on request."

Summary from Datazine #33: "Theresa is the former publisher of Sehlat's Roar, The Oracle Speaks, and a contributor to Falcon's Lair and Fesarius. 'Hunting the Red Wolf' is her new major work, first of the Books of the Founding of Delphi."