Philosopher At Large

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Name: Philosopher At Large
Alias(es): P@L, Bellatrys
Type: fan writer, artist, essayist
Fandoms: Tolkien
URL: Odd Lots; bellatrys@LJ
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Philosopher At Large is a fan writer, artist and essayist active in the Tolkien fandom in the early 2000s. She describes herself as a lifelong Tolkien fan.[1] Firmly of the bookverse persuasion with regard to Lord of the Rings, she was known for her dissections of the Peter Jackson films. She left fandom in 2004, leaving her epic Silmarillion novel languishing near to completion.

Her personal website, Odd Lots, housed her fanfiction, essays, rants and alternative scripts for the LotR films. It also sheltered various items kicked off, including Protectors of the Plot Continuum. The site went offline c. 2009.

Notable Works


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