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Name: Philippa Georgiou
Occupation: Starfleet Officer/Emperor
Title/Rank: Captain/Emperor
Status: Prime Georgiou - Dead
Mirror Georgiou - Alive
Fandom: Star Trek: Discovery
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Philippa Georgiou was a Starfleet officer and Captain of the USS Shenzhou. She died in the Battle of the Binary Stars.


Emperor Philippa Georgiou adopted an orphaned Michael Burnham and raised the child as her daughter. Years later, Burnham collaborated with Gabriel Lorca to overthrow the Emperor. Burnham was killed by Lorca, but as her body was never recovered, Georgiou welcomed the Prime Universe's Michael as her own daughter.

Georgiou kills Lorca during his second failed coup. Burnham rescues Phillipa, bringing her aboard the Discovery and into the Prime Universe, as the Emperor's ship was destroyed.


Mirrorverse Georgiou is openly bisexual, and an antagonist and villain in the second half of season 1. Some fans were annoyed by the use of the Evil Bisexual trope. There is no indication that Georgiou from the Prime Universe was bisexual, but many fans assume she was and so, falls afoul of the Bury Your Gays trope.

In fanworks Phillipa is paired almost exclusively with women. Many works also focus on her mentor/student relationship with Michael Burnham.


  • Michael Burnham/Philippa Georgiou
  • Philippa Georgiou/Commodore Paris (Star Trek: Alternate Original Series)
  • Michael Burnham/Mirror Philippa Georgiou
  • Katrina Cornwell/Philippa Georgiou

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