Peter Rabbit

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Title: Peter Rabbit
Creator: Bunnies From Hell (PFL)
Date: before 1992
Format: VCR
Music: music from the children's movie "Peter Rabbit"
Genre: humor
Fandom: Blake's 7

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Peter Rabbit is a VCR-era Blake's 7 vid by Bunnies From Hell editors: Patricia Lamb and Irene Sample. The vid is how the vidding group came up with their vidding collective name, Bunnies From Hell.

In his book Textual Poachers Henry Jenkins writes: "Sometimes, images are borrowed from their original narrative context and made to tell fundamentally different stories: P.F.L. retells the children's story, "Peter Rabbit," with footage from Blake's 7. She casts Blake as the adventurous Peter, Travis as Mr. McGregor, and Jenna, Avon, and Cally as the stay-at-home Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail...[The vidder never] completely divorces these images from their original meanings. Rather, their videos play upon the reader's ability to see these images as simultaneously contributing to a new narrative and bearing memories of their status in a very different context."