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Synonyms: personalzine, personal zine
See also: zine
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A perzine or personalzine is a zine in which all the content is written by one person. The term was used in science fiction fandom, but is now also applied to non-fannish zines. See Zinewiki's list of perzines.

Shomeret compares sf fandom perzines to LiveJournal in a 2002 essay, A Diary Fan Discovers Blogs and LJs.

Some Examples on Fanlore

Tabebuian is described as a personalzine by Devra Langsam in the editor's note to Masiform D 3. In the ad section, it is revealed to be a "science fiction/math/education minimag" originating in Miami.

Issue 3 of Probe (November 1975), dedicated to coverage of the Star Trek conventions, was a perzine by default and described that way by its editor Winston Howlett. He wrote all the content because outside of a few pieces of art, nobody had sent him anything.

See Turnabout, a 1976 perzine by Sharon Ferraro.