Penumbra (X-Files fan)

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Name: Penumbra
Alias(es): penumbra23
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The X-Files
URL: penumbra23 at LiveJournal
Author: Penumbra at Gossamer
Penumbra's X-files Fanfiction (author page, defunct)
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Penumbra is an X-Files fanfic writer.

Fan Comments

[Penumbra wrote] several stories that were just so big, historical, epic stories. Such great works, all of them. A lot of her stuff was just so big. She would update the minute that the X-Files broadcast ended on TV. So every Sunday night, you'd get two installments of the X-Files. You'd get, from nine to ten I think it was, the X-Files broadcast. I would go right to the computer, refresh, refresh, refresh, and at 10:02, the latest installment of the latest Penumbra novel. And it was—that was great. When I found that, that was terrific. Penumbra also did this wonderful thing where—not the name of her website, but the search term that brought it up on Google was "increasing workplace productivity". So the best way to find her website, her own personal website, was to type into the search engine—I don't even know when Google started, but when, whatever search—Yahoo!, probably, just type into Yahoo! "increasing workplace productivity" and her website would be the first result. So that was great. And then when she stopped, that was very sad. --Fan Fiction Oral History Project with Nightflier, 2012

Notable Works