Patterns (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues zine)

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Title: Patterns
Publisher: Carousel Press, agented by Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Carol Frisbie, Jeanne McClure, Denyse Bridger, D.L. Solomon, Suzan Haigler, and Beth Didion
Date(s): 1993-1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Kung Fu: TLC
Language: English
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Patterns is a gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues anthology. There are seven issues.

Regarding Feedback

From the first issue:

We hope you've enjoyed the stories and the somewhat eclectic mix of views expressed within these pages. Your comments are very important to us, and will be shared with all of the contributors, whether they are words of praise or criticism. (Bear in mind if you want to be critical, that is your right, but let's try to keep it constructive and helpful, not nasty and hurtful, okay?)

Submission Requests

1. No slash. This is a straight zine for obvious reasons.
2. We strong stories with great relationships. Any length.
3. Will accept 'adult' fiction.
4. PREFER that stories remain within current series' timeline.
5. No poetry or cartoons. Scripts will need to be adapted into story form.
6. Articles on Shaolin philosophy and kung fu teachings will be considered if deemed of interest to our readers and well substantiated.
7. Crossovers will be considered on individual basis.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, by J.M. McClure

Patterns 1 was published in September 1993 and contains 255 pages.

It was edited by Jeanne McClure, Denyse Bridger, and Beth Didion.

It won a 1994 FanQ.

The cover and interior art is by J.M. McClure.

From the editorial:

Welcome to the premiere issue of PATTERNS! I’m sure some of you are going to recognize a few of the names featured in this publication. We've been lucky enough to gather together a rather impressive group of writers for our debut. This zine, like any other, was created to enable us to share and expand on the rediscovery of an old friend, Kwai Chang Caine, and the equally special discovery of a new generation of Caine - Peter. For some of us, the original KUNG FU is little more than a distant, childhood memory; so KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES is an entirely new experience in many ways. We hope that those of you who are, perhaps, more familiar with this mysticism than we are, will bear with us as we learn and grow.

PATTERNS is a labour of love for us, and each of us approaches the personalities of our characters in different ways. We’re hoping that some of this varied viewpoint is in evidence here. The stories we’ve included explore many facets of both Caines, as well as giving our due to Peter's 'other’ family, the Blaisdells. Even within these circles, we’ve encountered differing opinions, and that, too, has helped make this zine a precious endeavor. The real test, of course, will come in the shape of our readers’ thoughts and views on our efforts. We welcome and look forward to any and all comments you wish to share with us, so do write and tell us what you do, and don’t, like within these pages.

Issue 2

Patterns 2 was published in May 1994 and contains 312 pages.

The theme was "Out of the Past."

It was edited by D.L. Solomon, Suzan Haigler, Jeanne McClure, and Beth Didion.

The cover and interior art is by J.M. McClure.

front cover of issue #2, J.M. McClure

From the editorial:

As we go to print, we are enjoying a second season with the contemporary KC Caine & Co. and getting reacquainted with the original "Kung Fu" series again on cable’s TNT. We’re thrilled to include here Jeanne’s interview with David Carradine, star and driving (kicking?) force behind both series.


Many old friends are back with us from our well-received premiere issue and afew new contributors have come aboard. We hope you enjoy the eclectic mix of viewpoints as much as we did. With stories spanning from Caine’s first steps away from the temple ruins, to Peter’s first car wreck and Paul Blaisdell’s grievously overworked guardian angel, there should be something for everyone. Continuing our tradition of theme-linked vignettes is "Out of the Past", a series of glimpses back to distant points along Caine’s path.

While compiling the ’zine, we went to Chinatown seeking help, but Caine was out of town for six months. Some very special folks stepped in to lend a hand: founding member, Denyse Bridger handled the graphics layout, Kathy Poffenberger provided the art for her "Letter from Camp", and MVPs (Most Valuable Publishers!), Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy eased the journey with unwavering support. We're grateful to you all!

  • Out of the Past by Jeanne McClure ("As one journey ends, another begins.") (1)
  • Second Sight by Jeanne McClure ("After Peter is blinded during a deadly robbery, can he find the courage to face an unknown future?") (won a 1995 FanQ) (4)
  • Overheard In the ER by MC Christjansen (45)
  • Sentimental Journey by Kathy Poffenberger (46)
  • Breaking the Ice by Ann Raymont (76)
  • My Two Dads by Kris Brown (87)
  • Peter's Lousy Day by Kathy Poffenberger (96)
  • Epitaph by Denyse Bridger ("Caine always knew it was his destiny to wander alone. Only now does he understand why.") (106)
  • Separation by Denyse Bridger (107)
  • Letter From Camp by Kathy Poffenberger (108)
  • Out of the Past by Beth Didion (111)
  • The Rope by Suzan Haigler (116)
  • Fire On the Mountain by Kris Brown (120)
  • Warning! Student Driver by Jeanne McClure ("Teenagers, cars and rainy nights.") (136)
  • Warning! Teenage Mouth Engaged by Kathy Poffenberger (141)
  • Out Of the Past by Suzan Haigler (146)
  • Sleepless In... by Ann Raymont (149)
  • Rite Of Passage by Suzan Haigler (153)
  • A Fine Time To Get Outta Dodge by Anonymous (184)
  • One Enchanted Evening by Anonymous (192)
  • Function of a Mother by Kathy Poffenberger (204)
  • An Elegant Madness by Denyse Bridger (210)
  • The Spoken Word by Erin & JM McClure ("After insulting someone very special to him, a remorseful Peter attempts to make amends.") (259)
  • Out Of the Past by DL Solomon (264)
  • In Your Dreams by Ann Raymont (272)
  • The Great Christmas Train Wreck by Kathy Poffenberger (275)
  • Unclouded by Longing by LA Carr (281)
  • The Rookie by Kathy Poffenberger (282)
  • Epstein's Law for Rookie Cops by Kathy Poffenberger (300)
  • Out of the Past - Peter's POV by JM McClure ("While retrieving a relic from the past, Peter also rediscovers treasured and painful memories.") (303)
  • An Interview with David Carradine by JM McClure (305)

Issue 3

Patterns 3 was published in May 1995 and contains 396 pages.

The cover art is by J.M. McClure, and the interior art is by J.M. McClure, Heather Bruton, Anne-Marie Smith and Kathy Poffenberger.

front cover of issue #3, J.M. McClure
back cover of issue #3, Heather Bruton
flyer for issue #3

The editors are Beth Didion, Carol A. Frisbie, and Jeanne McClure.

From the editorial:

PATTERNS, like all fanzines, attempts to answer a desire to communicate our thoughts and feelings about a subject we love. It’s a celebration of sharing, pure and simple. We have come together-writer, artist, reader-to give creative voice to our love for Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and the people who make it live for us.

Our pleasure in the series may be pure, but it’s not so simple. KF:TLC is layered and multi- aspected; the characters touch us in ways that are unique to their individual creation. Caine, Peter, Blaisdell, all our friends at the precinct and on the streets of the City, are distinct personalities that share and provide insights into our deepest feelings, uncertainties, joys, hopes and fears. They help us to bridge the chasms in our lives and to touch others as the characters have touched us—through creative self-expression.

We are a vast and diverse group who meet on this common ground and in this forum. If there is a commonality immediately evident here, it’s in the love and fascination we have for these people. And in our willingness to share it with others of like mind.

In this issue we welcome new writers who are new to loving the series, new to the fandom, new to the sharing. We embrace others who have become friends and companions: in reading their stories, it's like going home, which is, after all, a place in the heart, not a destination....

In real life as well as in fiction, sadness sometimes mars the landscape of our lives; we all have suffered a grievous loss with the death of Robert Lansing. With love, PATTERNS 3 is dedicated to Robert Lansing and to Paul Blaisdell:

I'm just gonna clear the decks for a while until the phantoms stop chasing me. Then I'll he hack....”
"... When he has conquered his loneliness and the demons are gone...he will be back, my son...”

Promises must sometimes be broken. And hearts.

Paul, we forgive you, and well never stop missing you. We promise we will care for those you love and keep them in our hearts, where you have found a resting place. Until the word is given...until we meet again...may the wind be always at your back, and may your path be revealed on a bright horizon....

Robert Lansing: You have returned to the Oneness that will, inevitably, embrace us all. You’ve given us the gift of our love for you, which is more than we could ever ask for or expect. Your style, spirit, gentle intelligence-these qualities shine in the many characters that will always wear your face and your grace. They, and the loving memories they inspire, are a legacy of immortality.

We miss you very much.

Issue 4

Patterns 4 was published in November 1995 and contains 289 pages.

It won a FanQ Award.

front cover of issue #4, Heather Bruton
back cover of issue #4, Heather Bruton

From the editorial:

Inspiration. The act of moving the intellect or emotions. The power to bring about a feeling of excitement or exaltation. The root of creativity.

What is the inspiration for the stories and works of art in this fanzine? A television show. Twenty-two hour-long snapshots per year of the lives of a group of fictional individuals devised for our entertainment. Put that way, it hardly seems credible. Yet, here are nearly 300 pages of loving creative effort, rich and diverse, all emanating like ripples in a pond from the same source. And this zine is but one of many. The work stands as testimony to its inspiration.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues is like a tapestry-many threads woven into complex and textured scenes with roots reaching into the past and yearning toward the future. The tapestry tells many stories, which are all an integral part of one story, the heart of which we can open ourselves to but may never completely encompass, any more than we can completely encompass the heart of a single human being. The value lies in the process.

These stories and pictures are contributions to that process by fans whose intellect and emotions have been moved by the show, who have been excited or exalted by one or more of the threads of the tapestry. Whatever the source of the particular inspiration-curiosity about the past or the future, interest in a supporting character, insights about Kwai Chang and Peter Caine and their relationship-each is adding a unique thread to the unfinished tapestry. May there be many more threads to come. PATTERNS has been gathering threads through four issues over the past three years. Now, for a time, we feel the need to lay down this spool and, perhaps, take up others. So, for the present at least, we will not be seeking new submissions. We may be back, when the time is right. In the meantime, the writers and artists and editors, all of us involved, will continue to add to the tapestry in our own ways. We are all in this together, and we are here to stay.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making PATTERNS what it is; you, the readers, not the least. And we would also like to encourage all of you to remember that we, as fans, can make a difference in insuring that the core of our inspiration,

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, lives on by supporting the show and making our feelings about it known where it counts.

  • The Hero and the Coward by Ann Raymont (won a 1996 FanQ) (1)
  • Reminiscence by Diana King (31)
  • Blackmail by Michalina Pilcher (36)
  • Cop's Night Out by Kathy Poffenberger (43)
  • In the Line of Duty by Laureen Peltier ("A traditional hurt/comfort story. When Peter is shot and his partner killed while off-duty, Blaisdell will stop at nothing to discover the truth and protect his son from the conspiracy unfolding from the mayor's office. The only problem — Peter can't remember being shot or what he was doing with his partner!") (46)
  • Smokes and Broken Dreams by Andi Byassee (76)
  • Dragon's Tale by Kathy Poffenberger (82)
  • Journal Two by Kris Brown (85)
  • The Case of the Draggin' Daughter by Jan Lindner (96)
  • Domino's Delivers by J.M. McClure ("While house-sitting, Kelly Blaisdell encounters more than a stormy night and horror movies.") (101)
  • The Lesson by Pam Berry (125)
  • To Face the Tiger by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer (128)
  • May I Drive With You by Kathy Poffenberger (147)
  • Absence of Light by Andi Byassee (151)
  • Smell of a Rookie by Karen Ford ("Eppy suffers through another day with rookie partner, Peter.") (178)
  • Betrayal by Kathy Poffenberger (180)
  • Second Coming by M.C. Christjansen (204)
  • Merit Badge by Kathy Poffenberger (208)
  • Moments in the Stream by Wendy Goodman ("Three vignettes focusing on the key moments of Caine's and Peter's lives.") (214)
  • The Greatest Traveler by Maggie McClendon (script format) (226)
  • West Meets East by M.C. Christjansen (260)
  • The Love Song of Nicholas J. Elder by Andi Byassee (262)

Issue 5

Patterns 5 was published in 1996 and is 379 pages long. Cover art is by J.M. McClure; interior art is by Barbara Eickhoff, J.M. McClure, Brenda Mick.

front cover of issue #5, J.M. McClure

Issue 6

Patterns 6 was published in 1998 and is 375 pages long. All art is by Barbara Eickhoff.

front cover of issue #6, Barbara Eickhoff

Issue 7

Patterns 7 was published in 1999 and contains 160 pages. Artwork is by Barbara Eickhoff, Alicia Brooker, and June Knapp. Front cover is by Heather Bruton. There is no back cover art.

 Luminaria by Terry Spenser (tas) (Page 1) (3 pages)

 Plumbing the Depths by J. C. Runolfson (Page 4) (1 page)

 Innocent Stillness by Brook Henson (Page 5) (3 pages)

 What Fates Impose by JP Kraft (8) (Page 17 pages)

 Safe in Father’s Arms by Jackie Lang (Page 25) (3 pages)

 By Reason of Mercy by Janice Richards (Page 28) (31 pages)

 Shaolin Shadows by Terry Spenser (tas) (Page 59) (1 page)

 From Here to Insanity by Lisa Lovewell and Karen Mary Judson (Page 60) (40 pages)

 Lesson for a Master by Tracy LeCates (Page 100) (4 pages)

 Invisible Reins by Brook Henson (Page 104) (4 pages)

 Finding the Words by J. C. Runolfson (Page 108) (3 pages)

 Letting Go by J.M. McClure and Barbara Ogle (Page 111) (10 pages)

 Mardi Gras by Patricia O’Cain (Page 121) (39 pages)

 Destruction by Terry Spenser (tas) (Page 160) (1 page)

 Discovery by Terry Spenser (tas) (Page 160) (1 page)

Cover by Heather Bruton, 1999

 Destiny by Terry Spenser (tas) (Page 160) (1 page)