Patterns (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues zine)

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Title: Patterns
Publisher: Carousel Press, agented by Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Carol Frisbie, Jeanne McClure, Denyse Bridger, D.L. Solomon, Suzan Haigler, and Beth Didion
Date(s): 1993-1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Kung Fu: TLC
Language: English
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Patterns is a gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues anthology. There are seven issues.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, by J.M. McClure

Patterns 1 was published in September 1993 and contains 255 pages. It won a 1994 FanQ. Cover and interior art is by J.M. McClure.

  • Footsteps by J.M. McClure--Peter decides to follow in his father's footsteps. (6 pages)
  • Show Me the Way by D.L. Solomon (26 pages)
  • Filling in the Blanks by J.M. McClure and Jody Shook--After fifteen years of separation, Peter and Caine attempt to get reacquainted. (7 pages)
  • Grace Under Pressure by Beth Didion (7 pages)
  • Storm-Songs: Symmetry/Rhythm by Denysé M. Bridger--During a storm, two old friends talk and Caine makes peace with the past. (6 pages)
  • Reunion and Revelation by Linda Knights--Jonathan Raven turns up at the Kwoon, injured and needing Caine's help, putting both Caine and Peter in danger. (38 pages)
  • Dueling Aphorisms by Marcia Brin (1 page)
  • Footsteps: Flying Solo by Beth Didion (2 pages)
  • Loss of Faith by J.M. McClure and Denysé M. Bridger (26 pages)
  • What's in a Name by D.L. Solomon (5 pages)
  • Season of the Winds by Wendy Goodman--When Peter runs afoul of a gunrunning gang, can Caine and Blaisdell find him in time? (26 pages)
  • Souls Beyond Redemption by Denysé M. Bridge--After Peter is blinded during a deadly robbery, can he find the courage to face an unknown future? (5 pages)
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of Caine by M.C. Christjansen--A cop, a Shaolin priest, and the police captain's blind wife at a media convention? (8 pages)
  • Raising Caine by L.A. Carr (14 pages)
  • Footsteps: a Human Touch by D.L. Solomon (5 pages)
  • If Only by Catherine Schlein (6 pages)
  • Breaking the News...Gently by J.M. McClure--Paul learns of Kwai Chang Caine. (5 pages)
  • Terror by Suzan Haigler (13 pages)
  • Patterns of Fate by Denysé M. Bridger--Sequel to "Web of Lies" in Lions and Tigers and Zines #1. The murders continue, and this time they hit too close to home for Peter. (27 pages)
  • Footsteps: Seeking Harmony by Denysé M. Bridger (4 pages)

Issue 2

Patterns 2 was published in May 1994 and contains 312 pages. Cover and interior art is by J.M. McClure.

front cover of issue #2, J.M. McClure
  • Out of the Past by Jeanne McClure--As one journey ends, another begins. (3 pages)
  • Second Sight by Jeanne McClure--After Peter is blinded during a deadly robbery, can he find the courage to face an unknown future? (42 pages) (won a 1995 FanQ)
  • Overheard In the ER by MC Christjansen (1 page)
  • Sentimental Journey by Kathy Poffenberger (29 pages)
  • Breaking the Ice by Ann Raymont (10 pages)
  • My Two Dads by Kris Brown (8 pages)
  • Peter's Lousy Day by Kathy Poffenberger (10 pages)
  • Epitaph by Denyse Bridger--Caine always knew it was his destiny to wander alone. Only now does he understand why. (1 page)
  • Separation by Denyse Bridger (1 page)
  • Letter From Camp by Kathy Poffenberger (3 pages)
  • Out of the Past by Beth Didion (4 pages)
  • The Rope by Suzan Haigler (3 pages)
  • Fire On the Mountain by Kris Brown (15 pages)
  • Warning! Student Driver by Jeanne McClure--Teenagers, cars and rainy nights. (5 pages)
  • Warning! Teenage Mouth Engaged by Kathy Poffenberger (5 pages)
  • Out Of the Past by Suzan Haigler (3 pages)
  • Sleepless In... by Ann Raymont (3 pages)
  • Rite Of Passage by Suzan Haigler (30 pages)
  • A Fine Time To Get Outta Dodge by Anonymous (8 pages)
  • One Enchanted Evening by Anonymous (12 pages)
  • Function Of a Mother by Kathy Poffenberger (6 pages)
  • An Elegant Madness by Denyse Bridger (48 pages)
  • The Spoken Word by Erin & JM McClure--After insulting someone very special to him, a remorseful Peter attempts to make amends. (5 pages)
  • Out Of the Past by DL Solomon (8 pages)
  • In Your Dreams by Ann Raymont (2 pages)
  • The Great Christmas Train Wreck by Kathy Poffenberger (5 pages)
  • Unclouded by Longing by LA Carr (1 pages)
  • The Rookie by Kathy Poffenberger (18 pages)
  • Epstein's Law for Rookie Cops by Kathy Poffenberger (2 pages)
  • Out of the Past - Peter's POV by JM McClure--While retrieving a relic from the past, Peter also rediscovers treasured and painful memories. (2 pages)
  • An Interview with David Carradine by JM McClure (4 pages)

Issue 3

Patterns 3 was published in 1995 and is 396 pages long. Cover art is by J.M. McClure; interior art is by J.M. McClure, Heather Bruton, Anne-Marie Smith and Kathy Poffenberger.

back cover of issue #3, Heather Bruton
front cover of issue #3, J.M. McClure
  • Not So Pure and Simple by Kathy Poffenberger ("An old agency friend of Paul's recruits Peter for a special investigation but his obsession coupled with Peter's overactive sense of responsibility could lead to disaster.") (44 pages)
  • My Own Private Buddha by Michalina Pilcher (4 pages)
  • Sunday In The Woods with Peter by J.M. McClure (An outing turns into anything but a tranquil experience.) (18 pages)
  • Parable Of The Couch by Cynthia Shannon (6 pages)
  • Rookie Law by Kathy Poffenberger (3 pages)
  • Bird In A Net by M.C. Christjansen (Peter and Caine try to help an illegal immigrant caught in the system.) (30 pages)
  • Aftermath by Maggie McClendon (2 pages)
  • Like A Motherless Child by Andi Byassee (19 pages)
  • Year Of The Dragon by Marcia Brin (11 pages)
  • Like Father, Like... by D.L. Solomon (2 pages)
  • The First Father's Day by Karen Ford (Two fathers, one special day.) (4 pages)
  • Season Of The Witch by Wendy Goodman (The witness to a brutal murder is a beautiful young Witch who draws Caine and Peter into a showdown with a shared foe.) (116 pages)
  • Peter and The Big, Bad Dentist by Ann Leonhart (8 pages)
  • Trains by Kris Brown (16 pages)
  • Date With A Bridge by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer (15 pages)
  • Rookie Law by J.M. McClure (Peter finds himself in a pickle with his new partner.) (3 pages)
  • Personal Involvement by Diana Smith & Pat Dunn ("Protecting a woman and her two lively children from a brutal ex-husband could lead to heartache or worse.") (71 pages)
  • All I Want For Christmas by Cynthia Shannon (4 pages)
  • Burying The Past by Ann Raymont (8 pages)
  • Resolution by Diana King (14 pages)
  • Bird In A Net: Epilog by M.C. Christjansen (The epilogue to "Bird in a Net" finds Peter Caine returning to face his demons.) (2 pages)
  • A New Perspective by Cyndy Kroll (8 pages)
  • Buried Among The People by Laureen Peltier (7 pages)
  • Transitions by Kris Fawcett (5 pages)
  • Rookie Law by D.L. Solomon (7 pages)
  • Poison by Andi Byassee (7 pages)
  • Southern Comfort by Beth Didion (12 pages)

Issue 4

Patterns 4 was published in November 1995 and contains 289 pages.

It won a FanQ Award.

front cover of issue #4, Heather Bruton
back cover of issue #4, Heather Bruton
From the editorial:

Inspiration. The act of moving the intellect or emotions. The power to bring about a feeling of excitement or exaltation. The root of creativity.

What is the inspiration for the stories and works of art in this fanzine? A television show. Twenty-two hour-long snapshots per year of the lives of a group of fictional individuals devised for our entertainment. Put that way, it hardly seems credible. Yet, here are nearly 300 pages of loving creative effort, rich and diverse, all emanating like ripples in a pond from the same source. And this zine is but one of many. The work stands as testimony to its inspiration.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues is like a tapestry-many threads woven into complex and textured scenes with roots reaching into the past and yearning toward the future. The tapestry tells many stories, which are all an integral part of one story, the heart of which we can open ourselves to but may never completely encompass, any more than we can completely encompass the heart of a single human being. The value lies in the process.

These stories and pictures are contributions to that process by fans whose intellect and emotions have been moved by the show, who have been excited or exalted by one or more of the threads of the tapestry. Whatever the source of the particular inspiration-curiosity about the past or the future, interest in a supporting character, insights about Kwai Chang and Peter Caine and their relationship-each is adding a unique thread to the unfinished tapestry. May there be many more threads to come. PATTERNS has been gathering threads through four issues over the past three years. Now, for a time, we feel the need to lay down this spool and, perhaps, take up others. So, for the present at least, we will not be seeking new submissions. We may be back, when the time is right. In the meantime, the writers and artists and editors, all of us involved, will continue to add to the tapestry in our own ways. We are all in this together, and we are here to stay.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making PATTERNS what it is; you, the readers, not the least. And we would also like to encourage all of you to remember that we, as fans, can make a difference in insuring that the core of our inspiration,

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, lives on by supporting the show and making our feelings about it known where it counts.
  • The Hero and the Coward by Ann Raymont (won a 1996 FanQ) (1)
  • Reminiscence by Diana King (31)
  • Blackmail by Michalina Pilcher (36)
  • Cop's Night Out by Kathy Poffenberger (43)
  • In the Line of Duty by Laureen Peltier (46)
  • Smokes and Broken Dreams by Andi Byassee (76)
  • Dragon's Tale by Kathy Poffenberger (82)
  • Journal Two by Kris Brown (85)
  • The Case of the Draggin' Daughter by Jan Lindner (96)
  • Domino's Delivers by J.M. McClure ("While house-sitting, Kelly Blaisdell encounters more than a stormy night and horror movies.") (101)
  • The Lesson by Pam Berry (125)
  • To Face the Tiger by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer (128)
  • May I Drive With You by Kathy Poffenberger (147)
  • Absence of Light by Andi Byassee (151)
  • Smell of a Rookie by Karen Ford ("Eppy suffers through another day with rookie partner, Peter.") (178)
  • Betrayal by Kathy Poffenberger (180)
  • Second Coming by M.C. Christjansen (204)
  • Merit Badge by Kathy Poffenberger (208)
  • Moments in the Stream by Wendy Goodman ("Three vignettes focusing on the key moments of Caine's and Peter's lives.") (214)
  • The Greatest Traveler by Maggie McClendon (script format) (226)
  • West Meets East by M.C. Christjansen (260)
  • The Love Song of Nicholas J. Elder by Andi Byassee (262)

Issue 5

Patterns 5 was published in 1996 and is 379 pages long. Cover art is by J.M. McClure; interior art is by Barbara Eickhoff, J.M. McClure, Brenda Mick.

front cover of issue #5, J.M. McClure
  • New Beginnings by Lisa Lovewell (12 pages)
  • Over The Edge by Jan Lindner with Terri Korthals (28 pages)
  • Best Interest by Jeanne DeVore (20 pages)
  • You Call That A Challenge? by Elaine Ryan (2 pages)
  • The 25th Example by Brenda Mick (6 pages)
  • Angel by Wendy Goodman--When Caine discovers the ghost of a murdered young woman, can Peter discover her identity and her link to Blaisdell before it costs Caine his life? (85 pages)
  • Dead Man Walking by M.C. Christjansen (crossover with Highlander) (7 pages)
  • Only The Butt-Kicker Survives by Elaine Ryan (4 pages)
  • The Story Teller by Cynthia Liljeblad (34 pages)
  • Happiness Is A Warm Baby by Karen Ford--Caine considers his son's future. (2 pages)
  • Compression by Brenda Mick (63 pages)
  • A Son's Love by Karen Mary Judson & Lisa Lovewell (9 pages)
  • The Truth Beneath by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer (24 pages)
  • Good Intentions by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn (26 pages)
  • Shadows Of Passion by Elaine Ryan (3 pages)
  • Mercenary Blues by J.M. McClure and Kathy Poffenberger--A sadist from Kermit's past targets Peter, and the ex-mercenary finds himself racing against time as he attempts a rescue before tragedy strikes again. (57 pages)

Issue 6

Patterns 6 was published in 1998 and is 375 pages long. All art is by Barbara Eickhoff.

front cover of issue #6, Barbara Eickhoff
  • Water's Edge by M.J. Mink (17 pages)
  • The Adventures Of Frogman and Tadpole: The Case Of The Holy Handbags by Carol Fitzpatrick (6 pages)
  • Sanctuary by Janet Lampe (28 pages)
  • Secret Sighs: Wishful Whys by Dixon Trees (3 pages)
  • What Really Happened 4: The Return of The Son Of Initiation: Initiation II by Elaine Ryan (3 pages)
  • Just Another Job by Melissa Chambers, Barbara Eickhoff, Rhonda Hallstrom, Brenda Mick, Deb Parizek, and Terri Volpe (38 pages)
  • Confession by J.P. Kraft (5 pages)
  • The Continuing Adventures of Frogman and Tadpole: Whip It Good by Carol Fitzpatrick (8 pages)
  • Revenge by Karen Mary Judson (10 pages)
  • If I Were Not The Son Of Caine by Barbara Ogle (3 pages)
  • Memorial Day: Sticks and Stones by Liz Gregg (1 pages)
  • Fear by J.P. Kraft (1 page)
  • What Really Happened 5: Sacred Lust Or Secret Trust by Elaine Ryan (5 pages)
  • Father's Day by M.C. Christjansen (crossover with Highlander) (4 pages)
  • The Caine's Meow by Diane Brischke (69 pages)
  • Divergence by J.C. Jederberg (4 pages)
  • The Weight Of Years by J.C. Jederberg (3 pages)
  • The Continuing Adventures of Frogman and Tadpole: Foul Play At The Flower Show by Carol Fitzpatrick (8 pages)
  • Missing! by Carol Fitzpatrick (30 pages)
  • Memorial Day: Ties That Bind by Liz Gregg (3 pages)
  • What Really Happened 6: For Faster Service, Please Take A Number by Elaine Ryan (3 pages)
  • Against Overwhelming Odds by Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer (30 pages)
  • Fifteen Years by J.P. Kraft (1 page)
  • Getting To Know You by Wendy Goodman--Caine and Peter are carefully feeling each other out after their first reunion, while Blaisdell learns where he truly fits in his foster son's life. (5 pages)
  • The Continuing Adventures Of Frogman and Tadpole: The Television Episode by Carol Fitzpatrick (8 pages)
  • Second Chances by Susan McNeill--Karen, along with Kermit, is determined to adopt the baby she found in the dumpster in the episode "Shaolin Christmas". But odds and her son Todd are against her. (21 pages)
  • Memorial Day: An Apple A Day by Liz Gregg (4 pages)
  • What Really Happened 7: Shamballah Shenanigans by Elaine Ryan (3 pages)
  • Burden of Proof by J.M. McClure and Barbara Ogle--Pineridge. It’s one place Peter wanted to forget. However, when Matt is sent to the same orphanage, Peter steps in to prevent history from repeating itself. (43 pages)

Issue 7

Patterns 7 was published in 1999 and contains 160 pages.