Pass On What You Have Learned

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Title: Pass On What You Have Learned
Author(s): Fern Marder
Date(s): 1984
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
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Pass On What You Have Learned is a Star Wars story by Fern Marder.

art for this story by Carol Walske in "Time Warp"

It was published in Time Warp #6/7 Volume 2.

Editor's Summary

"Pass On What You Have Learned," by Fern Marder, is a post-Jedi story. As such, it is an excellent extrapolation from the facts that we have been given about the STAR WARS universe. (I am particularly proud to present this story in TIME WARP. It is the first fiction story that Fern has written under a single byline. Before this, all of Fern's writing was done in collaboration with Carol Walske. I think that you'll agree that "Pass On What You Have Learned" is a most auspicious beginning to any writing career.)