Paint Mine Blue

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Title: Paint Mine Blue
Creator: shati
Date: May 2006
Format: AVI (DivX)
Length: 4:23 minutes
Music: "Paint Mine Blue," Noe Venable
Fandom: Firefly
Footage: Firefly & Serenity
URL: vid announcement & download website

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Paint Mine Blue is a Firefly vid by shati. It was reviewed by flyingtapes on July 30, 2006 at the reel.


  • ": A vid that rambles through the effect River's coming has had on the crew of Serenity, "Paint Mine Blue" is a vid that pulls together the canon of both the series and the film to show the connections we might not have seen were there....Throughout the vid, I got a sense of inevitability; as if the characters couldn't help but slowly wheel towards their story in Serenity. t suggests that fro the first moment of the show, things revolved around River, and I think that's a pretty strong and right conclusion. It made an interesting narration, almost makes the known ending that much more poignant and welcome. They can carry on, even through all of the hell they've been through." ~feed at the reel review.
  • "Such a perfect song with the slight twang to it." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.