Pacific Arcana: Tumultus

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Fan Art
Title: Pacific Arcana
Date(s): 2018
First Published: 2018
Medium: print, digital (handbook)
Fandom: Pacific Rim
External Links: kickstarter, gumroad
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Pacific Arcana is a Pacific Rim: Uprising fanart tarot.


Handbook sample art
Handbook sample art
Three years ago, the first Pacific Arcana was made, bringing together over 50 artists to create a living breathing tarot deck based off the 2013 film Pacific Rim, and give back to the world around us. Now, in 2018, we're doing it again with Pacific Arcana: Tumultus, with over 70 artists taking inspiration from the newest chapter in this cinematic universe of mechas, monsters, and the hearts that live among them.
The entire deck! All 78 cards (plus one focuser, title card, and a brochure with full artistic credits and a link to download the digital PDF) will come included with a brochure of contributor credits and a QR code to download a digital copy of the Tumultus handbook. At 2.75x4.75" inches, these are cards that'll last any ranger a good while. This Kickstarter will be your only guaranteed chance to get a yourself a deck, as they are expensive to produce!
Your companion to Tumultus' mythos, the paired Pacific Arcana: Tumultus handbook is a full color 132 page book elaborating more heavily on each card, from major to minor and every court in between. Packed with over 20,000 words of notes, card analysis, and film theory of the story and its characters, this book is orientated for both seasoned tarot readers, and newcomers to divination by way of giant robots and giant monsters.

Artist notes are also included on some pages, contributors explaining how and why they chose the symbols they did, what stories they wanted to tell, and what they saw in certain Uprising characters and motifs.

Don't want the physical copy? No problem- the book is available in either digital DRM-Free PDF format too!


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