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Fan Art
Title: Pacific Arcana
Date(s): 2015
First Published: 2015
Medium: print
Fandom: Pacific Rim
External Links: kickstarter, tumblr
Pacific Arcana.png
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Pacific Arcana is a Pacific Rim fanart tarot.


Taking inspiration from the 2013 movie and growing universe of Pacific Rim, Pacific Arcana is a tarot deck aiming to collect the fantastic talent of Pacific Rim fans’ artistic capability and turn it into something good, functional, and portable, all while giving back to a growing generation.
Pacific Arcana's cards highlight the symbolism and roles of Pacific Rim’s characters, robots, kaijus, and other concepts and imagery into a full 78-card deck. The deck encompasses a wide variety of beautiful artwork crafted by talented artists who share an immense passion for this movie. Each card can be carried around as its own individual art piece, or the whole deck be used in full-fledged tarot activities and/or games, with characters, machines, monsters, and everything in between adhering to each Major and Minor Arcana’s role.
While most popular culture tarot decks can be gorgeous and left to the devices of the reader to interpret, their assignments are unclear and you can be left feeling a little confused. But each tarot has its own story in every card, and that story deserves sharing.

That's what makes this deck special; there's a whole handbook to go with it.

As is with Pacific Rim, there's a lot of symbolism to delve into and a whole world to cultivate. The complimenting Pacific Arcana handbook is a 128 page book explaining each role for each card, examining how each assignment fit with its archetype. New to tarot, perhaps? 8x8" paperback, you'll find out how to spreads, how cards relate to others in the deck, as well as each card splashed across the page in full view.

Artist's notes are also found on certain card pages, explaining symbolism they chose to include, allegories, or stories they wanted to tell about their cards. Available in either soft-cover print or downloaded PDF format.


Featuring the works of 56 artists:

Feriowind, Homuzu, Parasitebeans, Unusualjuggernaut, Frikadeller, Moonjellybeans, Hisiheyah, Tinyrats, Shea Vorbach, Dandyincombatboots, Cerigg, Kurama2212, Seileag, Rezllen, Birdloaf, Blairtrabbit, PhantomSeptember, Orenjimaru, Sellerdoor, Bravinto, Angela Popoff (Blenk), Grrrenadine, Keto, Terriblenerd, Lydia Anslow, Priellan, Lauren Garwood (Lrnart, ) Hamish Steele, Siins, Braysl-March, Jena Stillwell, Enyoung, Pixiepunch, Spacecores, Ksanzo, Kaysha Siemens, Capitalette, Soojin Paek (Photinus), Rook (DesolateSandwich), godot-found, Geniusbee, AffectionateTea, VisualBinaryStudio, irishsparkleparty, Empyrisan, Kory Bing, Sfé R. Monster, Stunnerstorm, CrescentMage, Tommy Tonebender, Jeriais, Darowen, Alienfirst, Katie Pickell, Pooryorick


Pacific Arcana was organized, graphically edited, and written by graphic designer Mia Mardikian (explodinghye/MNM STUDIOS), a resident of the San Francisco peninsula area for almost four years now. She fell in love with the city right around the same time Pacific Rim came out, and while having previously studied at Academy of Art University, she currently maintains freelance graphic designing, as well as individual convention retail of illustrations or design projects (with Pacific Flush, a Pacific Rim styled poker deck, under her designing belt). While being generally familiar with cards and tarot structures, she studied months worth of tarot decks, peer reviews, books, and articles before any writing occurred as well as card assignments.


Pacific Arcana is a not-for-profit production, and all artists have their own copyright claim and liberty to re-sell artwork of their produced pieces. While Kickstarter does not allow for charity causes, this is a crowdfunding for real, tangible products, with excess profits not used in the production/shipping of the product donated after all due finances are exhausted. Pacific Arcana is also not officially affiliated with Larkin Street Youth Services (beyond eventual financial donation), and is merely a donator to the organization.