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Journal Community
Date(s): ? - 2008
Moderator: ?
Founder: ?
Type: LiveJournal community
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: site suspended, archived copy of the "Jensenvention" FAQs

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PETJA, which stood for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Jensen Ackles" was a Supernatural community on livejournal. The community originated as a spin-off from Capslock Supernatural, taking the humorous mocking of that community and combining it with a proclaimed desire to promote Jensen's work as an actor. The community produced a website about their satirically presented cause and then, in the fall of 2008, decided to stage what they named the Jensenvention, which was a campaign to promote the cause, mostly via videos produced by community members.

The community caused some conflict within the fandom, because many fans were not comfortable with the way the comm mocked Jensen. Later the website was taken down, and the comm was deleted. The founder of the community claimed that Ackles representation served them with a C&D forcing them to take it down, which lead to wank between fans who believed that there had been a C&D letter and fans who believed that the incident had been staged. Some additional speculation as to the type of C&D notice that may have been sent is archived here. A later post contained communciation from the site owners which clarified that a C&D notice had been sent.[1]

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  1. ^ PSA on Jensenvention, SPN Petja - What's the point of a revolution without general copulation?, Archived version