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Name: Owlbbs, Owlbabies
Occupation: children
Status: Original Characters
Relationships: Daniel Dreiberg (Nite Owl II) (mother)(...ish), Rorschach (father)
Fandom: Watchmen
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Owlbbs (pronounced owl babies) were a creation of the third Watchmen Kinkmeme. They are seven were-owls hatched from eggs laid by Nite Owl II (Daniel Dreiberg). They quickly were given unique personalities and names by the fandom. They are drawn as a combination of owl features and Walter Kovacs' (Rorschach's) physical features including red hair and freckles.

Individual Owlbbs

Name Gender Distinguishing traits Personality
Charlie female Wears a large hair bow, often stands with arms crossed The most aggressive, often shown wanting a grappling hook
Truman male The shortest
Ruth female Wears glasses, often has pigtails Likes to read
Jean female Wears a headband The most feminine
Holly female Likes photography
Ted (Theodore) male
Dennis male Wears glasses, the chubbiest


Fandom Reaction

Infamous "Bucket o' Owls" Fandom Secret

Owlbbs came to be a divisive issue as their cracky content overwhelmed the kinkmeme and the pchat. Famously, the "Bucket o' Owls" was shared on Fandom!Secrets on June 29, 2010.