Out of the Blue (Dragonriders of Pern zine)

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Title: Out of the Blue
Publisher: StarRise Weyr
Editor(s): see below for list
Date(s): 1989-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
Language: English
External Links: now online
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Out of the Blue is a gen Dragonriders of Pern anthology of fiction, poetry and art written and published by members of the StarRise Weyr. It is a quarterly newsletter. At some point, possibly in 1995, the fanzine switched to both a subscription printed and a free e-zine format.

From issue #19 in July, 2008: "Membership to StarRise/Igen Weyr is free. The fanzine is available in three formats: hardcopy, for which you will need to pay copying and postage charges; text, sent via email; and available on a password protected website. You must be a registered member of StarRise/Igen Weyr to receive the login and password for the webzine. The cost of the hardcopy varies with each issue, precisely reflecting the copying and postage costs. Like all Pern groups, we are free to accept world-wide memberships."

By 2009 it was published only in electronic format.

group photo of what is supposed to be issues #9-#17, but there seems to be an extra issue shown. Cover gallery below.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Out of the Blue 1 was published in 1989.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Out of the Blue 2 was published in 1989.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Phil Ostrander

Out of the Blue 3 was published in December 1989 (second printing January 1990). It was edited by April Bradley. Submissions could be sent to a physical address in Michigan, or "upload to KISHANDRA on GEnie (71301,351 on CompuServe, and 'Kishandra' on Q-Link)"

  • art by Phil Ostrander (front cover), Beth Baldwin, Charles Schultz, Jeremy Johanssen, April Bradley, Diana Stein, and Dina Grozev
  • Kishandra's Turn (1)
  • Jr. Weyrwoman's Column (2)
  • A Quiet Gather at Horizon Hold (3)
  • Report from Kitiyana (7)
  • Wildlife Report (7)
  • A Time of Change (8)
  • Wing Reports (10)
  • Wyrlingmaster's Report (11)
  • Book Review (12)
  • A Fine Kettle of Fish (12)
  • The Smith in Question (14)
  • Murder by Monotomy (sic) by Charles W. Schultz, Rick Hobson, Phil Ostrander, Beth Baldwin (15)
  • The Bulletin Board (18)
  • Convention Listings (19)
  • WindyCon Report (19)
  • Teacher's Pet (20)
  • A'marr's Drinking Song (21)
  • Cords, Anyone? (22)
  • Impression (23)
  • If You Please (23)
  • Book Review (25)
  • Prodigal's Return (26)
  • No Holds Barred? (28)
  • DragonCon Report (29)
  • Convention Memories (30)
  • Wing List (33)
  • Flashbacks (34)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Out of the Blue 4

Issue 5/6

cover of issue #5/6, Elisa Deyneka

Out of the Blue 5/6 was published in September 1990. Submissions could be sent to a physical address in Michigan ("Send 5 1/4" floppies in IBM format and Pure ASCII to Eileen... send all Commodore-formated disks and 3 1/2" IMB-formatted disks to April", or "upload to KISHANDRA on GEnie (71301,351 on CompuServe, and 'Kishandra' on Q-Link and StarLink and 'Kishandra' on PC-Link")

  • art by Elisa Deyneka (front cover), Japanamation, Jeremy Johanessen, Phil Ostrander, Maggie Rohde, Charles W. Schultz, Adrienne Wilder
  • Kishadra's Turn (1)
  • Weyrleader's Ramblings (3)
  • ... And War (4)
  • I May Rise, But I Don't Think I'm Going to Shine (5)
  • Adoption Agency (7)
  • Hate at First Sight (8)
  • WIng Reports (9)
  • Metamorphosis (10)
  • Mercy (15)
  • On the Local Front (17)
  • Love at First Sight (18)
  • Weyrlingmaster Report (19)
  • Recovery (20)
  • My Dragon and Me (22)
  • Day of a Thousand and One Escapes (25)
  • Just Say the Word (29)
  • StarRise WIng List (31)
  • Another Reason to Live (32)
  • Change of Address (34)
  • Bulletin Board (37)
  • Looking for Trouble in All the Right Places (38)
  • Family Binds (44)
  • StarRise Online! (48)
  • Exchange of Grievances (50)
  • Strange Bedfellows (51)
  • Trouble at Sea (53)
  • The Trouble with Trouble (56)
  • Memories of a Different Time (58)
  • Musing (61)
  • The Price (63)
  • Crossword Puzzle (68)
  • Favorably Yours (69)
  • Afterthoughts (72)
  • Collequiem de Cassi (73)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Out of the Blue 7

Issue 8

table of contents #8, click to read
cover of issue #8, David MacKenzie
black and white version of cover

Out of the Blue 8 was published in April 1991 and contains 91 pages. Cover and table of contents are to the right.

  • Kishandra's Tum 2
  • Once And Future Conventions 4
  • Passionate Pitfalls 5
  • StarRise Bulletin Board 9
  • The Cutting Edge 11
  • Ramblings from Three-Rapids 14
  • StarRise Online! 15
  • All The Fans Of Pem 16
  • Calling All Healers 16
  • Dear Aurora 17
  • Never Look a Gift Wherry in the Mouth 18
  • Healers' Hints 19
  • Ah, the Joys of Weyrlinghood 20
  • Harper Apprentice 21
  • Nightfall at Dawn II: A Glimmer of Light 22
  • Aftermath 25
  • Clutchmates, Wingmates and Weyrmates 28
  • Groundwork 31
  • T'grel Goes on Search 33
  • Search 36
  • Each May Love 37
  • Renata of StarRise 41
  • Impressions Past 43
  • The Atlas Of StarRise 44
  • Shayne's Impression 48
  • First Impressions 50
  • Vika Attends A Hatching 54
  • Valendria's Tum on the Sands 56
  • All This and The Relatives Come Free 58
  • A Sense of Family 62
  • OOTB #9 Threadfall 63
  • Love=Candidate x2 To The Dragon Shelled 64
  • Dragon Adoptions 68
  • Possible Solutions 70
  • A Trip to Exile Island 73
  • Yet Another Hatching 76
  • No Turning Back 77
  • Broken Pride 78
  • Impression List 80
  • Where the Winds Take Me: Part 1 81
  • Born to be Wild 83
  • Star Rise Bowl 85
  • The Fifth Turn I: The Rising Sun 86
  • Interview with Robin Wood Short 88 Star
  • Rise Winglists 90
  • art by David MacKenzie (Front Cover), April Masters, Vikki Powers-Mayo, Kira Maginnis, Adrienne Wilder, T. Kevin Enzminger, Rob Miller III, M. Antoinette Garcia

Issue 9

cover of issue #9

Out of the Blue 9 was published in 1991.

Issue 10

cover issue #10
table of contents #10, click to read

Out of the Blue 10 was published in March 1992 and contains 132 pages. Cover and table of contents are to the right.


  • My First Hatching by Amy McCready 10
  • Who Is She? by M. Antoinette Garcia 11
  • The Curtain Opens by Seth Landsman 13
  • The Color of Life by Amparo Bertram 14
  • Presentations by Katherin McArthur 16
  • When the Bond Breaks by Rodney Meek 18
  • Family Matters by Lynn Walters 23
  • Walls by Lynn Walters 25
  • A Weynvoman's Lot by Pam Carbone 27
  • Sleeping Dreams by Amy McCready 29
  • Thoughts During Threadfall by Steve VanSlyck 30
  • Hurricane! Part I by Greg McElhattan 3I
  • Batten Down the Hatches! by Regina Kirby 33
  • Hurricane! Part II by Greg McElhattan 35
  • The Little Trip by Wanda P. Wilson and Vikki Powers-Mayo 37
  • Storm Warnings by Mark Rand 41
  • The Kindness of Strangers by Elaine Mello 44
  • The Next Time by Rick Kirka and Kathy Agel 47
  • Missing InAction byT. Kevin Enzminger 55
  • What a Healer Must Do by Victoria A. Smith 57
  • Storm Signals by Pam Carbone and Kathy Agel 60
  • Mission of Mercy by April Masters 72
  • Aftermath by Pam Carbone and Kathy Agel 75
  • Echoes of a Storm by Gale Barnett, Daniela Pegueros, Barbara Smialek, Regina Kirby, and Siouxsie Blalock 78
  • From the Past to the Present by Julie Hurwitz 86
  • South Kendor by Susan L. Carr 88
  • Second Thoughts by Sandi Wilkinson 94
  • High Water Mark by Kira Magginis 98
  • Just One of Those Days by Greg McElhattan 102
  • A Short History of Echo Hold by Daniela Pegueros 104
  • Invisible Tears by Charles W. Schultz 106
  • Sawing the Seeds of Pern by Meg Hamel 111
  • The Promise by Kim Dahl 118
  • A Blacksmiths Dozen by Dale Wirth 120
  • Small Comfort Part Two by Amy McCready 122
  • Love Me Vika by William R. Wilson and Vikki Powers-Mayo 123
  • Queenrider Blues by Hope Erica Ring 126


  • The Gift by George I. Angell 24
  • Morning by George I. Angell 26
  • Death Sails by George I. Angell 74
  • Fire and Pain by George I. Angell 97
  • Watch Dragon by George I. Angell 101
  • Bubbly Pies by George I. Angell 121
  • Untitled by Aislynn/Amy McCready 122
  • New Life by George I. Angell 125
  • First Straps by George I. Angell 128


  • Siouxsie Blalock, Pam Carbone, April Masters, Robert Miller, Charles W. Schultz, Adrienne Wilder,


  • Storm Tossed" by Siouxsie Blalock (front cover)


  • Kishandra's Turn 2
  • StarRise Bulletin Board 4
  • Pern Comics 4
  • Kay Lynn's Korner 5
  • StarRise Manual Revision 8
  • StarRise Weyr Winglist 9
  • Offline News I2
  • The Jockey Club of Pern 22
  • StarRise Fanzines 28
  • Book Review: "All the Weyrs of Pern" by Dennis Caswell 34
  • Wing Report: FireGem Wing by Tllar, rider of bronze Colth 34
  • Wing Report: Storm Chaser Wing by Kira Maginnis/Wingleader Lorna 40

Issue 11

table of contents #11, click to read
cover issue #11, "Arlen, the Romantic" by Amy McCready

Out of the Blue 11 was published in September 1992 and contains 133 pages. Cover and table of contents are to the right.


  • A First Meeting by Amy McCready 5
  • Babysitting Blues by Kim Dahl and Kira Maginnis 7
  • Dax by M. Antoinette Garcia 12
  • A Matter of [Interpretation] by Patti Welsh 18
  • Jina Will Feed Me to the Watchwhers! by Gale Bamett 22
  • Come Gather in the Wake of Disaster by Elisa Deyneka, Dina Crozet', and David Card 28
  • The Dreams ... by Amy McCready 42
  • Escape by Cheryl Rowe 49
  • Aftermath by Victoria A. Smith 53
  • Intermediates by Wuula P. Wilson 56
  • The Hermit by Rod 60
  • HoldFast by William R. Wilson 62
  • That Dark, Dusty Cave by Eileen M. Parkman 64
  • It's Not the Cords by Meg Hamel 67
  • Vengeance Is Its Own Reward by Hope Erica Ring 71
  • Dear Aurora by Greg McElhattan 74
  • Endings and Beginnings by April Masters, Kathy Agel, and Wanda Wilson 7 6
  • Correspondence by Paul Allen Timm 83
  • Teacher's Pet: The Final Chapter by April Masters 86
  • Dancing at the Festival by M. Antoinette Garcia 89
  • The Big Event by Paul Allen Timm 91
  • Reunion by George Angell 95
  • Fried Red Runners at the Dawn Hold Cafe by Charles W Schultz 96
  • The Fine Art of Family Defense by Kira Maginnis 106
  • A Journeyman's First Journey by Jennifer R. Hophins 114
  • Flights of Fancy by Amy McCready 118
  • The Fifth Turn, Part III: Setting Sun by W David MacKenzie 120
  • The Moaning After by Greg McElhattan 128
  • Home by Katherin McArthur 131
  • Past is Past by Amy McCready 134
  • First Look at Star Rise Weyr by Jennifer R. Hophins 135
art from issue #11, Elisa Deyneka


  • My Turn by April Masters 2
  • The Bulletin Board 4
  • New Columns for StarRise Weyr! 6
  • From Hall and Hold 'zine (ad) 10
  • For Those Who Came In Late 13
  • Writer's Corner 20
  • DragonSongs (ad) 41
  • StarRise Weyr Winglist 43
  • Weyrling Wing Report by Daniela Pegueros 44
  • Weyrling Training Chart 45
  • StarRise Weyr Clutch Chart 46
  • Non-Fiction Nonsense by Greg McElhattan 52
  • StarRise Weyr Price List 55
  • Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty 59
  • The People of Star Rise Weyr 61
  • Star Rise Staff List 69
  • Convention Report 70
  • Notes From All Over by Richy & Wanda Wilson 75
  • The Far Eastern Continent by Greg McElhattan 81
  • SF/F Convention Listing 85
  • StarRise Fanzines! 90
  • Pern Clubs & Publications 93
  • Crescent Weyr (ad) 112
  • The New-N-Improved Holdings List! 113
  • An Interview with Margaret Ball 125
  • WindRider Wing Report by Greg McElhattan 133


  • untitled by Amy McCready 11
  • Kalia's Tuning by Amy McCready 55
  • Duncan's Tuning by Amy McCready 63
  • The Harpers' Song by George I. Angell 66
  • The Journey of Sadness by George I. Angell 115
  • untitled by Hope Erica Ring 138


  • Amparo Bertram 50
  • Siouxie Blalock 14
  • David Card 72
  • Elisa Deyneka 30
  • M. Antoinette Garcia 12,89
  • Dina Grozev 35,38
  • Natascha Lautenschlaeger 15,16
  • Amy McCready 3,4,11,19,55,66,84,119,134,138
  • S. McElhatton 127
  • RobertS. Miller III 53,65, 77,82, 114,117,130
  • Catherine Pantiuk 24
  • Charles W. Schultz 88,104
  • Patti Welsh 6,21,52
  • Adrienne Wilder 85
  • Cover: "Arlen, the Romantic" by Amy McCready

Issue 12

Out of the Blue 12

Issue 13

Out of the Blue 13

Issue 14

Out of the Blue 14

Issue 15

Out of the Blue 15

Issue 16

cover of issue #16

Out of the Blue 16

Issue 17

cover of issue #17

Out of the Blue 17 was published in 1995.

Issue 18

Out of the Blue 18 contains 180 pages. The cover is by Talon Duning. The previous editor April Legate stepped down after ten years and two new editors took over publication: Anna Smith and Dave McCombs.

From the editorial: "After nearly ten years of running StarRise, I'll be stepping down as your Club- and Weyrleader. I've enjoyed the time I've spent making StarRise what it is today, but it's time to move on. I've become increasingly burnt out over the past couple years and it's shown in the neglect of the club. Rather than sit by and allow StarRise to become one of the clubs I've always sneered at, I've decided to step aside and allow others, with more enthusiasm, energy and time, to take over. This is my last issue with StarRise, as an editor, publisher, and member... As of this year's WeyrFest (June 26th), Anna Smith and Dave McCombs will be taking over StarRise. I wish them all the bsst and hope they have as long and happy a history with the club as I did."

  • From The Green's Wing by Dave McCombs
  • FireGem Wing Report by Leslie Valente
  • Green Mantle Hold by Christina Robertson
  • Hurricane Procedures by Mark Rand
  • Return to Green Mantle by Christina Robertson
  • Blaze Of Glory by Dave McCombs & Kim Mamayek
  • For a Lady's Honor by Stefan Sien & Anna Smith
  • Musings: Two Old Salts by Mark Rand
  • Off On The Wrong Foot by Amy Clark, Chantal Whittington & Cindy Wallace
  • Twist the Knife (Slowly) by April Masters, Pam Carbone & Cindy Wallace
  • Birthday Gold by Jenni Kmiotek
  • A Precious Stone by Angelina Adams Hanley & Stefan Sien
  • Stranded by Anna Smith & Vicky Voss
  • The Truth Will Out... by Cindy Wallace & April Masters
  • Escape to the Weyr, Part One by John Beamer
  • Solid As A Rock by Kim Mamayek
  • Forget If You Can't Forgive by Kim Mamayek
  • The Dying Game by Greg McElhatton
  • Another Day, Another Loss by Zara Gonzalez
  • Laughter of Life...Silence of Death by Anna Smith
  • Twist the Knife (Slowly), Part 2 by April Masters & Pam Carbone
  • Testament by Leslie Valente
  • What Can You Do? by Victoria A. Smith
  • The Search Begins by Adam Day
  • A New Home by Adam Day
  • mpression's Price by Jennifer Beacham with Talon Dunning
  • The Parting by Jonathan Martz
  • Background Study for the Shipbuilder's Hall by John Voss

Issue 19

table of contents #19, click to read

Out of the Blue 19 was published in July 1998 and contains 108 pages. Editor: Anna Smith.

  • From the Club Leader by Anna Smith
  • Green Cuisine by Linda Walsh
  • Kaylynn's Korner by Pam Carbone
  • Just One Of Those Days by Sue Callaway and Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • Alissi's Plague by Chantal Whittington
  • Goatherd by Chantal Whittington
  • From Worse to Worst by April Legate
  • Sometimes Life Chooses For Us by Pam Carbone
  • Hope Goes On by Anna Smith
  • Dolphin's Gold by Sue Callaway, Linda Walsh, Chantal Whittington
  • Future Imperfect by Pam Carbone
  • Incoming Second by Susan Baker
  • Jealousy and Justice by Sue Callaway and Linda Walsh
  • Say a Word by Anna Smith
  • Think Twice by Susan Baker, Natascha Lautenschlaegar, Anna Smith
  • Take a Life by Anna Smith
  • Two Natures by Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • Weyrfest by Anna Smith
  • Recording by Natascha Lautenschlaegar and Chantal Whittington
  • Birth of an Island by Gary Legate
  • Chosen By Default by Stefan Sien and Anna Smith
  • Future Holds by Erin Wagner
  • All Alone in the Night by Jennifer Beacham and Chantal Whittington
  • Unfriendly Natives and Sandcats, Oh My! by April Legate
  • The New Weyrleader by Stefan Sien
  • Igen Heat by Anna Smith
  • Transfer of Authority by Anna Smith
  • Getting There Is Half the Battle by Linda Sardonell
  • Desert Sands by Anna Smith
  • Healer's First Flight by Susan Baker and Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • What Price Knowledge? by Natascha Lautenschlaegar and Anna Smith
  • Healer's Choice by Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • A Walk On the Other Side by Natascha Lautenschlaegar and Stefan Sien
  • Leave the Past Behind by Jennifer Beacham
  • Igen Weyr Annual Report by Stefan Sien
  • Spiral Wing Report by Danny Bell
  • Weyrling Boy by Linda Walsh

Issue 20

table of contents #20, click to read

Out of the Blue 20 was published in September 1998 and contains 105 pages. Editor: Anna Smith.

  • The Weyr Is A-Buzzin' by Anna Smith
  • Kaylynn's Korner by Pam Carbone
  • Words from the Weyrleader by Anna Smith
  • Surviving Storms: The New Weyrleaders by Pam Carbone, April Legate, Anna Smith
  • There's a Weyrleader In My Bed! by April Legate
  • No Good Deed... by Natascha Lautenschlaegar, Anna Smith
  • Oh, For A Dragon! by Sue Callaway
  • The Wedding by Susan Baker, Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • Revelations by Susan Baker, Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • Goldrider Gallery by Susan Baker
  • Position Change by Sue Callaway, Natascha Lautenschlaegar, Chantal Whittington
  • Shards of Glassby Erin Wagner Tidwell
  • Dragonhealer's Arrival bySue Callaway
  • On the Wings of ~Between~ by Anna Smith
  • An Unpleasant Truth, Part 1 by Danielle Williams
  • The Sweetest Song by Erin Wagner Tidwell
  • A Dragonrider's Journal Entry

Igen Weyr Stories

  • The Surmountable Divide by April Legate, Anna Smith
  • Reassignment by Susan Baker
  • Last Chance For A Wish by Sue Callaway
  • Special Flight by Erin Wagner Tidwell
  • Stardust Wing Report by Erin Wagner Tidwell
  • The Lone and Level Sands Stretch Far Away by Jennifer Beacham, Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • The Burning Within by Anna Smith

Issue 21

Out of the Blue 21 was published in March 1999.

table of contents #21, click to read
  • D'ven's Diversions
  • Kaylynn's Korner
  • Weyrleader's Wing Report
  • Family Fun by April Legate
  • Secret Suitor, Part One by Anna Smith
  • Dawnstar Wing Report
  • Past Music by Susan Baker and Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • An Unpleasant Truth, Part Two by Danielle Williams
  • Forgotten by George Angell
  • Revenge from the Weyrling Pit by April Legate
  • With Me or Against Me by Susan Baker and Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • An Undesirable Impression by Andrea Hutchison and Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • Clearskies Wing Report
  • Baby Buzz by April Legate and Anna Smith
  • Just In Case by Susan Baker
  • Friends by Andrea Hutchison
  • Crosswinds Wing Report
  • Time to Sleep by George Angell
  • Hide and Seek by Chantal Whittington
  • Squaring the Fabric by Shelly Pierce
  • Seek and Ye Shall Find by Linda Sardonell
  • Stormchaser Wing Report
  • Changes by Sue Callaway, Natascha Lautenschlaegar, Chantal Whittington
  • Past, Present, Future by Sue Callaway and April Legate
  • How Shergar Lake Was Formed by Lynne Elias


  • P'gein's Persuasions
  • No Limits by Angelina Hanley
  • Rank Adjustments by Erin Wagner-Tidwell
  • Beggars Can't Be Choosers But the Chosen Can Have Fun by Susan Baker
  • Hatching Lessons by Erin Wagner-Tidwell
  • Graduation Day by Susan Baker and Natascha Lautenschlaegar
  • Crystal Wing Report
  • The Midnight Star by April Legate and Anna Smith
  • Murders Most Foul, Part One by Natascha Lautenschlaegar and Stefan Sien
  • Queen's Wing Report
  • The Mad Prankster by April Legate
  • Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by Andrea Hutchison
  • Kithra's Exile: Day One by Susan Baker
  • Weary Weyrling Lessons by Susan Baker, Sue Callaway, and Anna Smith
  • Rumperstickers, compiled by Natascha Lautenschlaegar

Issue 22

table of contents #22, click to read

Out of the Blue 22 was published in September 1999 and contains 123 pages. Editor: Anna Smith.

  • D'ven's Diversions
  • Secret Suitor, Part Two by Anna Smith
  • New Companions by Susan Baker and Kris Dotto
  • Back to Normal by Susan Baker and Danielle Williams
  • A Matter of Trust by Susan Baker and Natascha Lautenschlaeger
  • Weyrling Lesson Number One by April Legate
  • A Matter of Dishonor by Susan Baker and Natascha Lautenschlaeger
  • Little Assassin Comes Forth by Susan Baker
  • Storm Day by George Angell (poem)
  • An Assistant, A Goldrider, A Cat, and Her Human by Natascha Lautenschlaeger
  • Wins and Losses by Erin Tidwell
  • The Season is the Reason by Anna Smith
  • Flitter Faire by R. Miller (poem)
  • Of Course by Susan Baker
  • Fashion Emergency by Chantal Whittington
  • Love Me Not by Linda Sardonell
  • An Odd Pair by Michelle Gray
  • A is for April by Linda Sardonell
  • Bad Timing by Susan Baker
  • Revelations by Andrea Hutchison
  • Poo, Poo, Pee, Doo by Linda Sardonell
  • Time of Good Bye by George Angell (poem)
  • An Unpleasant Truth, Part Three by Danielle Williams
  • I Didn't Say Good-Bye by Anna Smith
  • Where the Pebbles Fall by Sue Callaway
  • StarRise Weyr Wing Reports
  • Good Help is Hard to Find by Susan Baker and Anna Smith
  • Paternal Instincts by Erin Tidwell
  • Settling In by Linda Sardonell
  • Something Special by Anna Smith
  • Redanith's Hatching by Danny Bell
  • Hatchings! By Angelina Hanley (poem)
  • Spring Cleaning by Danny Bell
  • Must Prepare! By Angelina Hanley (poem)
  • Oh, to Have Such A Lascivious Flit by Susan Baker and Andrea Hutchison
  • Old Flames Burn the Brightest by Susan Baker
  • Soul's Eyes by Susan Baker (poem)
  • A Dye to Die For by April Legate and Anna Smith
  • A Wingleader's Thoughts by Michelle Gray
  • Hit and Miss by Sue Callaway
  • Igen Weyr Wing Reports
  • Igen Weyr Adoption Agency

Issue 23

table of contents #23, click to read

Out of the Blue 23 was published in August 2000 and contains 154 pages. Editor: Anna Smith.


  • Weyrwoman's Report
  • Weyrleader's Report
  • Restoration: Part One by Kris Dotto & Susan Baker
  • Paternity Pursuit by April Legate & Anna Smith
  • Turning Point by Erin Tidwell
  • Another Tree for the Forest by Anna Smith
  • The Weyrling Wing: Home Version by April Legate
  • The Name Game by April Legate & Anna Smith
  • Promises (or Daddy's Little Girl) by Andrea Hutchison
  • Deadlines by Erin Tidwell
  • A Dinner Conversation Today's Topic: Not Necessarily by Susan Baker & Natasha Lautenschlaeger
  • Boys on the Brain by Andrea Hutchison
  • For Every Birth... by Anna Smith
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Natascha Lautenschlaeger & Susan Baker
  • A Culinary Surprise by April Legate
  • A Dilemma of a Delicate Nature by Andrea Hutchison
  • Cousins & Friends by Terry Bloom
  • Z'leena's Lament by Margaret Grunwell


  • OOPS! There Goes Another Mating Flight! by Linda Sardonell
  • Hooked by Erin A. Tidwell
  • Realizations by Linda Sardonell
  • An Unfortunate Rising by Andrea Hutchison
  • Mating Flight Madness by Anna Smith
  • Adjustments by Sue Callaway
  • From Point A... by Angelina Adams Hanley
  • The Perfect Den by April Legate
  • High Stakes by Linda Sardonell

Issue 24

Out of the Blue 24 was published on December 31, 2000 and contains 77 pages. Editor: Anna Smith. It contains only clipart.

  • Carry On by Marisa Wolf (Amilyn)
  • Last One's The Rotten Egg by Erin A. Tidwell
  • Broken Betrothal, Forever Friend by Linda Sardonell (Jala)
  • A Goldrider's Duties: A Day in the Life of Melina by Susan Baker
  • The CONVicts by Kris Dotto (C'jan)
  • Mystery of StarRise by Natascha Lautenschläger (Zial, T'chock)
  • Changes of Life by Andrea Hutchison (Kadyra)
  • The Next Generation by Anna Smith (Reyna)
  • Shakin' Up the Wings by Anna Smith (D'ven)
  • JadeFlame Wing Report
  • Double Destiny by Brenna Dawkins (R'nder, Asia, Z'daid, Anamere)
  • Take This Job by Linda M. Sardonell (Elizara, J'red)
  • Windrider Wing Report
  • Trepidations by Linda M. Sardonell (Alinea and Elizara)
  • A Night at the Masquerade by Chantal Whittington (Alissi)
  • A Day in the Life, Part 1 by Andrea Hutchinson
  • A Day in the Life, Part 2 by Andrea Hutchison (Kadyra)

Igen Wyer Stories

  • ... To Point B by Angelina Adams Hanley (Lanya & Vandon)
  • Itching For A Day Off by Kelli M. Zielinski (K'marik)
  • (Ob)noxious by Jean Prior (Kyriana)
  • What To Do, What To Do? by Kelli Zielinski (Izara)
  • Airborne by Marisa Wolf (Traighan)
  • Pick of the Litter? by Brenna Dawkins (C'rion and Lorria)
  • The Rescue by Andy Anderson (L’yle, Alician & Archer)
  • Searched at the Gather by Skye Tranter
  • The Necessity of Invention by Kris Dotto (Karayan)
  • Transplanted by Brenna Dawkins (Lorria, Conona, and Synona)
  • Revenge by Anna Smith (Lawryna)
  • Lorria Impresses by Brenna Dawkins (Lorria)
  • Remembering Things... by Sue Callaway (Rialla)

Issue 25

  • Letters Home by Kris Dotto
  • Perfect Likeness by Brenna Dawkins (R'nder and Asia)
  • The Accidental Tourist by Linda Sardonell (Alinea, N'topel)
  • FireGem Wing's Wing Report
  • Response to FireGem Wing Report
  • All My Sins Remembered by Chantal Whittington (Alissi)
  • Disaster in the Making by Brenna Dawkins (Z’daid, Anamere, C’rion)
  • Fire On The Water by Andy Anderson (T’lar)
  • Revenge by Natascha Lautenschläger (Zial, T’chock)
  • A Weyrleader's Responsibility by Anna Smith (D'ven)
  • Memories by Anna Smith (Lalytha)

Igen Weyr Stories

  • Beginners Luck by Linda Sardonell & Kris Dotto
  • Certain Circumstances by Erin A. Tidwell (P'gein)
  • The Runner Healer by Andrea Hutchison (Tarina)
  • To Comfort a Candidate by Kelli Zielinski (K’marik, Fiona), Andrea Hutchison (Tarina, D’gon)
  • Journal of a Weyrling Goldrider: Month One by Kris Dotto (Karayan)
  • A World Away by Andrea Hutchison (Tarina)
  • Igen Weyr Headwoman's Request by Linda Sardonell (Barbaraq)
  • Writing Reports by Sue Callaway (Rialla)
  • Igen Bound by Sue Callaway (Katrina) and Chantal Whittington (Aerden)
  • Reflections by Lisa Chretien (Lord Kazmer)

Issue 26

cover of issue #26
TOC issue #26

Out of the Blue 26/1 was published online in March 2009 and contains 187 pages Editor: Anna Smith. It may have been the first online only issue. The zine switched to a twice yearly publication schedule, with March and September being the new publication dates. The zine includes much art, as well as a lot of clip art.

  • Fallen Into Shadow by Erin Tidwell 3
  • Difficult Transitions by Erica A. Weippert 8
  • Journeyman in the Making by Deb Zicht 17
  • StarRise Work-A-Day by Susan Bianculli 24
  • Operation: Distract and Delay by Anna Smith, Kris Dotto, Chantal Whittington 34
  • Five Turns Gone by Susan Baker 48
  • Lay Your Ghosts to Rest by Anna Smith 53
  • Reunions Hope by Erica Ring 56
  • Moving On by Erica A. Weippert 63
  • Weyrhealer by Chantal Whittington 69
  • Lonely Homecoming, But Not Alone by Andrea Irving, Anna Smith 73
  • Schism by Thom Olsen 79
  • Letter to Lu by Erica Weippert 83
  • Big Sister Blues Hope by Erica Ring 86
  • Motivation by Andrea Irving 91
  • Doubting Wingleader by Anna Smith, Erica A. Weippert, Andrea Irving 97
  • My Daddy Is Not A Tree! by Anna Smith 103
  • Return to the Cursed Weyr by Anna Smith, Susan Baker 108
  • Anniversary Hope by Erica Ring, Charles W. Schultz 119
  • Duty to the Weyr by Andrea Irving 123
  • A Place for Jondar by Deb Bryan 128
  • Rissa’s Song by Deb Bryan 132
  • Making Amends Hope by Erica Ring 137
  • Haven Calls and Receives an Answer by Deb Bryan 142
  • What Goes Around by Deb Bryan 147
  • Battle Lines Drawn by Tina Bryan 149
  • Salvage by Tina Bryan 152
  • StarRise, Here We Come by Deb Bryan 157
  • Under Her Thumb by Erica A. Weippert. 159
  • First Impressions by Deb Zicht 167
  • Symphony, Part One: Stringing the Harp Hope by Erica Ring 171
  • There Must Be More by Kitty Howard 176
  • Gone…But Never Forgotten by R. Clement-Moore, H. E. Ring, K. Dotto, A. Smith 182


  • Dragon and Male Rider by Erica A. Weippert Cover
  • Master Narina and Apprentice Kemmi by Deb Zicht 22
  • Sairi and the Waterwher by Erica A. Weippert 31
  • Woman Riding A Dragon by Erica A. Weippert 54
  • StarRise Weyr Badge by Kelli Zielinski 61
  • Weyrhealer Aerden by Kitty Howard 71
  • Tarina and Dagrin by Erica A. Weippert 77
  • Blue Dragon by Kitty Howard 89
  • Weyrlingmaster Leania by Kitty Howard 117
  • Dragon and Female Rider by Erica A. Weippert 140
  • D’nali and Bronze Garath by Deb Zicht 167
  • Lyridi by Kitty Howard 180

Issue 27

cover of issue #27
table of contents #27, click to read

Out of the Blue 27, vol 2 was published online in September 2009 and contains 200 pages. A copy can be found online here. Editor: Anna Smith.

  • Love Is Blind by Kris Dotto 1
  • Timing Is Everything by Kelli Zielinski, Kris Dotto 8
  • Back from the Dead by Andrea Irving 17
  • Yesterday Threatens Today by Kelli Zielinski 21
  • Transference by Kris Dotto 27
  • Weyrdragonhealer Report by Kris Dotto 34
  • Rebuilding by Greg McElhatton 35
  • Party Girl by Kris Dotto, Anna Smith, Kelli Zielinski 38
  • No One’s Love Am I by Anna Smith, Kris Dotto 49
  • Dancing Lessons by Greg McElhatton 60
  • The Stalker by Deb Bryan 65
  • Runners Are For Riding, Too by Andrea Irving 71
  • Insubordination Hope by Erica Ring 75
  • From Criminal to Freedom by Tina Bryan, Hope Erica Ring 77
  • Bad to Worse by Trini Bell 80
  • Return to Me by Andrea Irving, Anna Smith 85
  • Broken Harmony by Anna Smith 93
  • Ribbons and Bows Do Not A Lady Make Kby itty Howard 99
  • Where Does the Road Lead? by Kitty Howard 109
  • Following a Hunch Aby ndrea Irving 114
  • Ribbons and Bows II: Tattered Hopes by Kitty Howard 118
  • Memories by Geoffrey Havens 122
  • Clevin by Kitty Howard 127
  • Hey, Batter-Batter, Swing! by Anna Smith 131
  • Convergence by Thom Olsen 136
  • Choices Hope by Erica Ring 141
  • Favor For a Friend Hope by Erica Ring 144
  • Interfering Old Men Hope by Erica Ring 148
  • Sons by Charles W. Schultz 151
  • Ah, Weyrleader! by Anna Smith 155
  • Sairi’s Gather Day Fun by Susan Bianculli 160
  • Old Flames With Old Names by Anna Smith 165
  • The Brat Pack: Midden Heap Adventures by Kitty Howard, Erica Weippert 170
  • New Arrivals Hope by E. Ring, Geoffrey Havens, Anna Smith 173
  • The Bane of Her Existence by Chantal Whittington 178
  • Tropical Vacation by Erica Weippert and Kitty Howard 185
  • Symphony II: Tuning the Strings Hope by Erica Ring 193


  • Back from the Dead by Anna Smith (tracing/coloring) 20
  • Transference by Anna Smith (tracing) 33
  • Party Girl by Anna Smith (photo manipulation) 48
  • No One’s Love Am I by Anna Smith (tracing) 59
  • The Stalker by Anna Smith (tracing/coloring) 70
  • Insubordination by Anna Smith (photo manipulation) 76
  • From Criminal to Freedom by Anna Smith (tracing) 79
  • Memories by Blue 126
  • Favor For a Friend by Anna Smith (tracing/coloring) 147
  • Ah, Weyrleader! by Charles W. Schultz 159
  • Old Flames With Old Names by Anna Smith (photo manipulation/poem) 169
  • New Arrivals by Blue 177

Issue 28

cover of issue #28
table of contents #28, click to read

Out of the Blue 28, vol 3 was published online in March 2010 and contains 140 pages. Cover by Charles Schultz. Editor: Anna Smith.

  • The Weyr According to Pinkreth and D'brane by Hope E. Ring 1
  • The Past Befriends by Kris Dotto 2
  • Journal of a Weyrling Goldrider: Month One by Kris Dott 12
  • Strip! by Anna L. Smith and Kris Dotto 16
  • StarRise Shortages? Really by Susan Blanculti 21
  • Arrival and Judgement by Tina Bayran and Anna L. Smith 25
  • Changing Tides by Anna L. Smith and Kris Dotta 30
  • Dreams on the Hoof by Deb Bryan and Hope E. Ring 42
  • Can I Keep Him? by Deb Bryan 45
  • Sometimes Size Makes All the Difference by Deb Bryan 48
  • Unleashed by Thom Olsen 51
  • A Few Adjustments by Charles W. Schultz 56
  • Making Changes by Erica A. Weppert 62
  • Half a Brain by Chantal Whittington and Anna L. Smith 67
  • Change in Command by Hope E. Ring and Anna Smith 67
  • New Directions by Anna Smith 79
  • Family Connections by Anna Smith, Kris Dotto and Hope E. Ring 85
  • Symphany 3: Themes and Preludes by Hope E. Ring 98
  • Who Was that Stranger? by Deb Bryan, Chantal Whittington 104
  • Impulse Control by Anna Smith 107
  • Consequence and Compromise by Hope E. Ring 113
  • Just Tea by Anna L. Smith and Chantal Whittington 118
  • The [word unclear] Ultimatum by Chantal Whittington 129
  • Move On by Anna L. Smith 134
  • art by Charles W. Schultz (cover), Anna Smith and Eric den Biesen

Issue 29

Issue 29 was published in September 2010 and contains 128 pages.

  • about the art: Anna L. Smith (photo manipulations & tracings), artist unknown or not remembered, and "other artwork found on the Internet..."
front over of issue #29, not credited
  • Slips and Falls by Erin Tidwell 1
  • Two-Step by Greg McElhatton 6
  • Bronzerider’s Daughter by Erin Tidwell 9
  • A Bride to Be by Anna Smith, Kris Dotto 12
  • Introduction to Art by Greg McElhatton 28
  • Bemused by Blue by Anna Smith, Nikki Hietala 31
  • First Flight by Anna Smith, Nikki Hietala 36
  • You’ll See by Anna Smith 40
  • Away She Goes by Anna Smith 46
  • Winds of Change by Terry Bloom 51
  • A Way Around by Susan Bianculli 53
  • Darkness Before the Dawn by Kris Dotto, Anna Smith 58
  • The Fellis Alternative by Chantal Whittington, Anna Smith 68
  • A Little Perspective Hope by Erica Ring 73
  • Sight Unseen by Anna Smith, Kris Dotto 75
  • Sing to Me Anna Smith, Hope by Erica Ring 86
  • Go In and Out Like the Tide by Virginia Korleski 93
  • Sparring Confessions by Anna Smith 99
  • Weyrmates and Weyrleaders by Anna Smith 102
  • Escape in the Night by Deb Bryan 107
  • The Perils of Recapturing a Lost Childhood Hope by Erica Ring 110
  • Games in the Night by Thom Olsen 113
  • Family Found, Family Lost by Thom Olsen 118

Issue 30

Out of the Blue 30 was published online in March 2011 and contains 80 pages. Cover by Anna L. Smith, Editor: Anna Smith. Art by Alan Johnson, Anna L. Smith, Charles W. Schultz, and Kelli Zielinski.

cover of issue #30, Anna L. Smith
  • The Jealous Wife by Andrea Irving, Anna Smith 1
  • From Afar by Andrea Irving 5
  • Man Date by Andrea Irving 9
  • To Keep the Oath by Chantal Whittington and Hope E. Ring 14
  • Autonomy, Part 1 by Anna L. Smith, Andrea Irving, Chantal Whittington, Hope E. Ring, Kris Dotto, and Thom Olsen 19
  • They Say Time Assuages by Chantal Whittington and Anna L. Smith (31)
  • From Darkest Night by Hope E. Ring (36)
  • Autonomy, Part 1 by Anna L. Smith, Andrea Irving, Chantal Whittington, Hope E. Ring, Kris Dotto, and Thom Olsen 42
  • Just One Mistake by Anna L. Smith, Hope E. Ring 58
  • Aftermath by Anna L. Smith 61
  • Escape in the Night, Part 2 by Deb Bryan 63
  • Letters 68
  • How Wonderful Life Is by Anna L. Smith 71
  • (No) Consequences by Thom Olsen 73

Issue 31

Out of the Blue 31 was published in September 2011 and contains 111 pages. Art by Anna L. Smith, Kitty Howard, Natascha Lautenschlaegar, Kelli Zielinski, Charles W. Schultz. All other artwork is clipart or modified photographs.

cover of issue #31, Anna L. Smith
  • Going Home by Anna L. Smith & Kris Dotto 1
  • The Gambler by Deb Bryan 5
  • What A Tangled Web by Deb Bryan 7
  • Aftermath by Terry Bloom 13
  • Strong, a poem by Anna L. Smith 17
  • Dealing With Dragons by Susan Bianculli 18
  • Unplanned by Anna L. Smith & Kris Dotto 20
  • Home Coming by Deb Bryan 23
  • For Good of Weyr and Child by Anna L. Smith 26
  • Casting Call by Thom Olsen 30
  • Confrontation by Thom Olsen 34
  • Faith, a poem by Anna L. Smith 36
  • Audition by Thom Olsen 37
  • Warm Heart by Greg McElhatton 40
  • Chance Meeting by Deb Bryan 43
  • Takeover 1: Queen’s Gambit by Anna L. Smith, Hope E. Ring, Chantal Whittington, Kris Dotto, Thom Olsen, Erin Tidwell, Greg McElhatton, Kelli Zielinski 45
  • Takeover 2: End Game by Anna L. Smith & Kris Dotto 61
  • Grist For the (Rumor) Mill? by Susan Bianculli 77
  • Trees in the Wind by Hope E. Ring 79
  • Symphony: Intermission by Hope E. Ring 81
  • The Only Choice by Hope E. Ring 82
  • Keeping Company by Anna L. Smith 87
  • The Incident by Charles W. Schultz 94
  • Status Quo by Anna L. Smith & Kris Dotto 96
  • Weyrdragonhealer’s Report by Kris Dotto 106
  • Loose Threads by Greg McElhatton 107