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Synonyms: Fan Marker
See also: Fandom Nickname, Oshi
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Oshi Marks (推しマーク) are often used by Vtubers and their fans to identify themselves[1]. They are usually an emoji, or a combination of emoji, that symbolises the motif or character of the Vtuber. The term comes from Oshi, a term used to describe a Vtuber (or other Idol) that you support.


The origins of the Oshi Mark trace back to February 2018 when, shortly after debuting, Vtuber Yuuki Chihiro pondered the idea of putting emojis in their channel name as "Chihiro's Mark"[2]. After narrowing it down to a selection, she polled her viewers[3] before announcing 🎀💙 would be her marker[4].


These marks are usually added onto the end of a fan's display name on various social media. In the case of a fan having multiple oshi, the marks are usually separated by a Vertical Bar (|), though some users are happy to have them run together.