Origfic Bingo

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Name: Origfic Bingo
Date(s): 2010 –
Founder: darthneko, white_aster
Type: Bingo style challenge for fiction, art and all creative works.
Fandom: Original Fiction
Associated Community: origfic_bingo on Dreamwidth and origfic_bingo on Livejournal
URL: http://origfic-bingo.dreamwidth.org or http://community.livejournal.com/origfic_bingo
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Origfic Bingo began on October 1, 2010. It is in the same general style as fannish bingo prompt-based challenges. The challenge does not restrict genre, type of work, word length or theme. [1]

There were three types of cards available:

  • Totally Gen cards (general prompts not involving romance-specific themes)
  • Gen+Romance cards (which draw from the general prompts and also some romance themes)
  • Gen+Romance+Kink cards (which draw from the gen and romance themes as well as kinky themes a la Kink Bingo.[1]

Origfic is defined as: "This challenge is for original fiction only. No one will beat you with sticks if you plop your original characters down into a serial-numbers-filed-off fanmade world, but all stories need to be firmly based around original characters, not fandom ones."[1]


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