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Mailing List
Name: Organa-zation
Date(s): 1998-?
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: mailing list
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Organa-zation was a Star Wars mailing list. It's focus was fiction and discussion with a Leia Organa-focus.

It had a fiction archive sister site, see Organa-zation.

The mailing list may have started as early as 1998;[1] however the current, now inactive, Yahoo Group mailing list began in September 2000.

From the mailing list FAQ:
"The Organa-zation is a mailing list comprised of Star Wars fans that are particularly fond of the character of Princess Leia Organa Solo (although other fans are quite welcome as well!). We exist to talk about, debate, and correct how our favorite character has been handled in the official and unofficial Star Wars universe. We are founded on the basis that this is basically a congenial, civilized, informal discussion amongst friends, and that no one's opinions matter more than anyone else's. If you're looking for a free-for-all, you've come to the wrong place; try RASSM." [2]

List FAQs

They are here: FAQ, Archived version.

Fanfic Was Allowed on the List

5. Q. Can I send fanfic to the list?

A. YES!! We thrive on fanfic here! It doesn't even have to be Leia fanfic (although that helps!). No need to ask if we want to see it; just send it. There are limits, however. While steamy posts are quite acceptable (labled of course; see q. 4), outright pornography is not. To be more specific: a story has to have a point other than just the main characters "getting it on" as it were. The point doesn't really have to be anything more than exploring the minds and personalities of the characters. That's a subtle business, no doubt, but if you have any questions, peruse the stories on our page, or send Lelilaa copy of your story for pre-approval. Just to be clear: my definition of pornography means that the story treats the characters as nothing so much as a bunch of body parts for the satisfaction of the other character(s). Exploring the emotions of the characters really is the dividing line between pornography and just a really steamy piece of fanfic. Language is another hallmark of porn vs. fanfic. Porn is usually littered with slang, off-color terms for body parts and sex acts. Good fanfic will be somewhat poetic; at least, polite.

Below is a link to a (very good) story that is borderline acceptible; anything more explicit than this is not (Disclaimer: sexual situations!): Interlude. [3]

Rules for Discussing Fanfic

Fanfic Discussions

On the mailing list, we sometimes discuss a piece of fanfiction, kind of like in a book club. Just to keep things understood, here are the guidelines for that:

First off, please read this missive about how to review fanfic: Click Here (Thank you Sue Parsons and Nerfherders Playground!)

Second: Please note the following when participating in the discussions:

1. Any Leia-centered story anywhere on the web is up for grabs. [For the moment, let's keep it to the stories up on the OZ website. There's lots to choose from, so we'll be good for a while.] If you have a story you'd like to discuss, suggest it to the moderator [that's me]. She will attempt to get permission from the author. If permission is not given, the discussion will not proceed.

2. The author may give a brief, general statement before the discussion begins, mainly having to do with when the story was written, what the inspiration was, etc. At this time however, she should do her best to keep her opinion about her story to herself, so as not to color the discussion.

4. One week after the discussion begins, the author may weigh in with her comments and opinions about the story.

5. Discussion participants may ask direct questions of the author about the story.

6. No part of the discussion may be of a personal nature (e.g. "You really are stupid for writing this.").

7. Whenever possible, opinions should be backed up with some kind of an example ("The characterization was really clunky. For example, when Leia says...")

8. The discussion will take place with the understanding by both the author and the participants that a)this is for fun and b) it is to help the authors improve.

9. While the authors, if they choose to participate in the discussion, may address points brought up by the other discussion members she should a)not take things personally, and b)not snap back at other discussion members (see #6).

10. All other rules for list discussion apply. The moderator reserves the right to warn members or stop a discussion if things get out of hand. [4]


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