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Name: Organa-zation
Date(s): 1998?, 2001?-2006?
Archivist: Leilia
Type: fan fiction
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: Archived copy. Earlier archived versions can be found here;
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Organa-zation: Where Leia Rules is a Star Wars fan fiction archive focused on the character of Princess Leia Organa from the original Star Wars trilogy.

This community also had a mailing list, see Organa-zation.

In 2003, community members gathered at Mediawest. More info can be found at Pictures, Archived version.


Do you love to read fan fiction, but hate wading through stories about X-wing pilots you've never heard of and Imperials portrayed as good guys? Then come on in and read our Leia fic! We want this collection to grow, so please contribute!

The Legend

Stories have been broken up onto seperatepages [sic] by author. A NEW icon by theauthor's [sic] name indicates that there is a new story on that page.

File types and sizes are listed for your information. If none are listed, the story is not housed on this server (yes, permission has been gained to link to them). The icons before the story titles will assist you in finding the perfect story to suit your current mood.

Stories marked with the notations of Violence, Adult Language, or Sexual Situations are rated NC-17. If you are under 17, you should not read them. This site's administrators will not be responsible for any consequences if you do. You've been warned!  :) [1]

Submission Rules

Q. Can I submit fanfiction to the page?

A. Of course! Content guidlines are the same as for submitting things to the list. Here's what you have to do to get your story ready:

Write your story and edit it till you think it's perfect (or you get sick of messing with it, which ever comes first). Always spell check it and have somebody else proof read it (that's what the list is for!). Make sure you include some kind of disclaimer (these characters belong to Lucasfilm, yadda, yadda, yadda...), and any spoiler warnings or ratings you think are necessary. When it's just the way you want, then you can send it on to be posted by following the rest of these directions!
The only real content restrictions are: Leia has to be a major character, and it can't be outright porn. Steamy is good; pornography is not. If you do write a steamy story, please label it as such. For more information, see question 5.
Set the width of your story in your WP program to 65 characters a line. (It helps to set your left margin to .5 in and your right to 3.5 in. Unless you use a weird font, that'll be just about right.) It'll look narrow, but otherwise it'll be too wide when we put it up here. Also, you must have a hard return (which means you have press enter or return or whatever) at the end of every line. Believe it or not, this is actually easier to do after the story is all written and edited, in my opinion at least.
OR we will accept the story as an html file. You must do all the coding yourself. The files must be fairly simple; no frames, columns, etc. The background must be a solid, neutral color, preferably an off-white or gray. The text should be black. Do not put any graphics on the page. The only exception to this rule is if you have a piece of artwork that was done specifically to illustrate the story, and that file must be sent with the text so it can be downloaded onto our server.
Save your story as a .txt file. This is most important! This is the ONLY file type that all computers can read.
Send the story to Lelila via email as an attachment. Have your subject field say something to the effect of "Story submission" so I knows what it is. Include some kind of description (ex: Han and Leia have a romantic evening out). Also tell us whether or not you want your email address used as a hotlink; the default is that it will be.

(Acknowledgement should go to Deborah and Gator; I snitched the above from the Fanfix submissions page.)

A note to those submitting to fanzines: While I think it's great that OZ members submit their stories to print 'zines, if you're going to submit a story that is online here at the site, you need to tell me. Most 'zine editors require that your story be exclusive to their 'zine for a year, or until it sells out. You'll have to ask them what their policy is. I have no problem with removing (or reposting) stories, but it is YOUR responsibility to tell me so that the appropriate action can be taken. It's been more than once that I've discovered a story that was posted here has turned up in a 'zine while it was still here. That just makes me look bad, and the last thing I want is to be accused of not cooperating with 'zine editors. Thank you! [2]

Fiction Authors

  • various authors
  • various Organa-zation members
  • Dianora
  • Empress Vader
  • Lynne Freels
  • Susan Gater
  • Carolyn Golledge
  • Kelly Kline
  • Lelila
  • Maree
  • Pebbles
  • T.J. Perkins
  • Suzanne L. Petroske
  • Becky Sims
  • Michelle Slaughter
  • Dant Solo
  • R_Solo56
  • Sweetheart
  • Stories, Poetry and Filks by Bria Tharen
  • Stories and Poems by Susan Zahn



"I like the Organa-zation, it's about 70% good stuff. Some good stuff at the Corellian Embassy, unfortunately the majority is Han/Spacer Sue fanfics."[3]
"The Star Wars epic seems to epitomize the genre of ‘boy films’; it offers a plethora of big guns, fast ships, enslaved royalty in a gold metal bikini, and a morally polarized contest between good and evil for galactic ascendancy. In addition to a large contingency of male devotees, a network of girls profess their undying love for the inhabitants of the “galaxy far, far away”, constructing tribute websites, e-zines, and fan fiction that extend, reformulate, and reconceive the Star Wars universe within a community of like-minded fans. How does this film, which barely attempts to disguise the patriarchal armature underpinning the narrative, attract the rabid devotion of so many young female enthusiasts? These girls make no effort to fit in with their male counterparts, as most of their shrines are clubs with a firm policy of ‘no boys allowed’, and the “Organa-Zation” webpage and email list boldly sport a fuchsia font while the “Star Wars Chicks” website opts for tasteful lavender. These spaces generated by Star Wars Cyberchicks serve as a forum where girls can gush about their crush on Luke Skywalker, worry over the birth of Leia’s twins in the novels published as part of the Extended Universe, and offer each other support in their own Star-Wars-related creative endeavors."[4]


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