Orac's Research

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Title: Orac's Research
Author(s): Ty Downs
Date(s): 1991
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Orac's Research is a Blake's 7 Avon/Vila story by Ty Downs.

It was published in Avon Calling #2.

Reactions and Reviews

(A/V + alternate A/V), Orac messes about w/ the nature of reality or something, & we get the parallel-universe versions of Avon & Vila getting mixed up w/ "our" ones. In the parallel universe the classes are reversed so Delta Vila is above Alphas Avon & Blake. I don't think it's done as a joke (I may as always be wrong...) but what w/ the role-reversal, Blake as Vila's sex toy, & multiple orgasms all over the place I don't find it at all convincing. [1]
Pretty fun mirror universe fic where Captain Vila (who is married to a demur and servile Avon) is swapped with our Vila and the two AU versions basically convince our A and V that they should be together. It's anti-Blake (he had to be chased away from Avon by AU!Vila), but ultimately the fic is larky enough (rather than serious) that I don't mind too much. [2]


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