Opposites Attract

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Name: Opposites Attract
Date(s): 2001 or before - ? (active in 2002)
Archivist: Mistress Elektra
Founder: Mistress Elektra
Type: slash
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
URL: http://elektra.slashcity.tv/quimaul/
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Opposites Attract was the Qui-Gon/Maul slash archive. It was originally hosted by Tripod and moved to SlashCity in 2001.


  • Purest Comfort By Elektra Pendragon
  • Mary & Sue: Or the Tragical History of How Allah Sent Us a Camel and What Happened Next By Mary and Sue
  • Perchance to Dream By Sleeps With Coyotes
  • Ex Nihilo By Sleeps With Coyotes
  • Meridian By Sleeps With Coyotes
  • Untitled WIP By Elektra Pendragon
  • The Opposites Attract Monthly Calendar Moment 2001 (Now Completed) By Elektra Pendragon
  • Payback's a Bunny By Elektra Pendragon
  • Fight Moves: Retreat By Elektra Pendragon
  • Fight Moves: One on One By Elektra Pendragon
  • Spin By Sleeps With Coyotes
  • Safer in the Woods By Sleeps With Coyotes
  • Wolverine Meets Maul By Elektra Pendragon
  • Darth Fluenza By Elektra Pendragon