Open Channel D

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Title: Open Channel D
Publisher: Bumblebee Press
Editor(s): Melissa Mastoris
Date(s): November 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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Open Channel D is a gen Man from UNCLE 80-page anthology published in November 1992 and edited by Melissa Mastoris. Cover art is by Denise Loague; interior art is by Denise Loague and Lisa Brazdil.

front cover, Denise Loague

From a submission request in a spring Zine Scene: "Deadline 3-1-92. Submissions are now being accepted for a new UNCLE zine! Looking for all sorts of stories, poems, filks and art. If you've got a thing for Blond Russians in black turtlenecks or suave, debonair secret agents, then sit down, get out your talking pen and send me something!"


  • Paradise Lost by Linda Cornett (After sixth months, Napoleon has finally found his missing partner on a deserted island. But what if Illya doesn't want to go back?) (1)
  • When You Close Your Eyes, poem by Khylara (9)
  • Apprisel by CarolMel Ambassador (10)
  • Fifteen Years Later, poem by Khylara (14)
  • A Matter of Time by Gloria Vargas (Why didn't Illya go into work on the day of a very important meeting?) (15)
  • Lenin's Son, poem by Silver Serebryanyi (29)
  • The Sound of Silence by Melissa Mastoris (The last moments of Alexander Waverly.) (31)
  • Nightmares and Dreams by Khylara (38)
  • The Surfin' and Spyin' Affair by Jennifer Adams Kelley (Surf's up for our two favorite secret agents as they try to recover a missing surfboard.) (39)
  • First Partner by Linda Cornett (74)