One Filk, Two Filk, Old Filk, New Filk

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Filk Album
Album Title: One Filk, Two Filk, Old Filk, New Filk
Producer: Floating Filk Studio
Date: post 2007
Medium: CD
Fandom: multimedia
Performer(s): Roberta Rogow
External Links: page at Floating Filk Studio
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One Filk, Two Filk, Old Filk, New Filk is a CD of filks written and sung by Roberta Rogow.

The liner notes/comments are by Roberta Rogow.

Track Listing

Comments:New Filk

  • 1. All Is Well with Harry Potter: I wrote this right after I read the last book. For a year thereafter I had to announce that it was a “spoiler”, based on the last words of the last page of the last book!
  • 2. The Grantville Ram: The original song has some very bawdy verses that never get into the versions in Nursery Rhyme books.
  • 3. Goblin Gold: Written during DragonCon 2007. My first “original” tune, and an explanation for the earthquakes along the West Coast.
  • 4. Fire in the Hole: Another Cautionary Tale, inspired by an actual location, documented on the NatGeo Channel. “Fire in the Hole” is what you yell when you set off dynamite.
  • 5. The Woman In the Snow: An Urban Legend, translated into a modern version by Patricia McKissick in a collection called “The Dark-thirty: Southern Ghost Stories”. I added a few twists of my own and set it to music.
  • 6. The Quest: The Road Goes ever on. The original tune is Filipino, I heard it on a cruise, and I couldn't get it out of my head until I Did Something. Call it “Generic Quest Story”.
  • 7. One Mile Closer To the Stars: This won Third Prize in the Denvention 2008 Filk-Writing contest. The tune is inspired by Greg Baker's “Dreams”.
  • 8. The Wild Mars Rovers: More NatGeo inspiration, this time the program about how those gadgets on Mars are still working, when they were supposed to go dark five years ago.
  • 9. DragonCon Report: Yes, it is absolutely true! And even then I didn't get everything that happened, like the woman who went into labor on the Con floor, or the teenagers reeling drunk at 10 AM!
  • 10. Take it Back!: Another original, and a prizewinner, this took First Place in the Concertino 2009 Filk-Song Writing Contest. A shaggy-dog story about some Klingons, some Earthers, and a very nasty planet.
  • 11. Trolls: Mark Mandel wrote most of this, but a bunch of us collaborated on the Billy-Goats Gruff verse at Philcon 2007.

Comments: Old Filk

  • 1. Ewok Victory Song: I really hated the jazzy item they used at the end of Return of the Jedi. This sounds much better.
  • 2. Indy Jones, the Engineer: An obvious re-telling of the climax of the second Indiana Jones movie.
  • 3. Lullabye for a Chieri: According to the books by Marion Zimmer Bradley, the Chieri were the indigenous race on Darkover. They interbred with the Humans who landed there, and the results were some very weird babies.
  • 4. The Fannish Orchestra: Another relic of the '80's, as you can tell by the Fandoms cited. The song used to be a staple of Music Appreciation classes when I was growing up.
  • 5. Singles and Silver: Yes, it happened to me. And very frustrating it was, too!
  • 6. The Dandelion Filkers: At one time, Filk and Filkers were persona non grata at SF Cons, but we fooled everyone, and kept on singing, much like dandelions in the lawn. Kathy Mar and friends started The Dandelion Conspiracy, and I wrote this for them. The original dates from the Holocaust Concentration Camps, which is not to say that the attitude of certain ConComs was akin to the management of those places.
  • 7. At the WorldCon: I wrote this just before I attended my first WorldCon, back in 1980. I have not changed a word since! Everything in this song happened... except for one thing, but the guy was very ugly when it was all over!"