Once More With Bitterness - Soundtrack

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Title: Once More With Bitterness - Soundtrack
Creator: Various Kitten Board members
Date(s): 2002
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Once More With Bitterness was a collaborative fanwork rewriting the soundtrack from Buffy's musical episode Once More with Feeling. Originally conceived and posted in the All Purpose Creative Spoiler Thread of The Kitten Board this fanwork was extremely meta; it expressed the reactions of fans and characters to news (spoilers) of Tara Maclay's upcoming death in the season 6 episode Seeing Red.

The complete work was posted by Rally to the Different Colored Pens archive on Apr 14, 2002; three weeks before Seeing Red aired. Once More with Bitterness was widely shared, particularly among Kittens (fans of Willow/Tara), but also the wider Buffy fandom.

There was a link to an album cover in the Different Colored Pens thread, that is now unfortunately a broken link, and there were other works of fanfiction inspired by this work.


  • Going Through The Spoilers by Banshee
  • I've Got A Bitter Theory by Rally
  • I've Got A Theory by Willowlicious
  • They Got The Lesbo Out by Grim Jack
  • Under The Ground by Tommo
  • Joss Makes It Hell by Tommo
  • Marti's Song by Tommo
  • Take The Piss by Tommo
  • That's What It's All About by Kyrarco
  • Clearly, They Are Gay by The Literary Exterminator
  • Wish She Could Stay by Grim Jack's Friend
  • Caught in the Mire by Autumn
  • Warlock’s Song by Web Warlock
  • Where Can I Get A Beer? by Web Warlock
  • It's Just A Show by Kitten Chat

Authors' Notes and Comments

This is a collaborative effort by many folks on the board. It took on a life of it's own and deserved it's own thread. Going to be working on the full editing and credits in the next day... but to give shout outs now...

Ruth was the start of it, Autumn, Xita, Shannon, Web Warlock, Grim Jack, Liz and so many others helped out... tonight alone, the entire chat room worked on the last song. I hate to leave anyone out, so everyone take your props and enjoy the thread. You all helped on it and we want to give it to Amber in BraBra


A recommendation from one of the creators:

I would like to recommend Once More, With Bitterness the Kitten signature fic!

Written during the days when the bitterness was high, the angst was free and some of us still thought Joss would come in and make everything allright. Like I said it is a work of fiction.

[...] Ok why do I like this fic?

Well first off by itself is a fun read and a really funny parody of "OMWF" AND the Kitten Board (see we can laugh at ourselves.)

but also there are some good memories attached to it. Everyone reading the new songs as they were posted. Chat whores singing. Lots of alcohol was sacrificed on the altar of creativity.

Read it and enjoy. It is funny, but there is a not to subtle hint of saddness just below the surface. Was this the last happy moment on the Kitten? I hope not.[1]


Tommo, on the role of parodies at the Kitten:

[...] We're just dealing with this in the best way we see fit, by laughing. And that helps. It helps everyone.

Before the board moved, there were several parodies being written of various episodes. There still are. There's an excellent parody of Bargaining in the creative spoiler thread right now, for example. So don't think that this musical parody is a one shot deal. It's just another example of the vast creative and witty skills we at the kitten board employ.

[...] Everyone involved has helped to relieve a lot of the stress that many posters have been feeling since these spoilers broke. Everyone involved has provided heaps of entertainment on the board. Because you know what? It's just a show. It's not real life. And parodies are so much less than that.[2]


Reactions and Reviews

A fan written summary:

And in the holy books of Buffy fic harlotry it is written that the Lord God decreed high from exalted heaven that one day Joss should have his musical. God spake and said, “And in the sixth season of Buffy the musical episode shall come forth and shall be known to the people, and they will sing its praises.” So arose the musical, and it was good. Very good. A little too good. And the Lord God, being of hearty cheer and fond of parodies amended, “Have at it! Go forth, my children, and bastardize Joss’ musical.” And they did, hoping that no one would sue them for copyright infringement, as it was done in loving reverence, and all in good fun. Repeat, good fun. Naked fun. Gay fun.[3]

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