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Title: On Ice!!! Weekly
Type: Online newsletter
Date(s): February 2017
Frequency: Weekly
Medium: Online
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr; Newsletter archive
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On Ice!!! Weekly is an digital newsletter for the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom. Each issue contains a collection of fanworks and a fanfic rec section. Though initally planned as weekly long-term newsletter, only two issues of the zine were ever made.

Issue 1

We Were Born to Make History is the first issue of the zine. It was published on February 02, 2017. The issue contained a selection of fanworks:

"Shoebox of Photographs" by Yuzururu

Relationship: Victor/Yuuri

Genre: AU, Coffee Shop/Café

Editor's Note: A cute café fic that includes Yuuri as a grad student in culinary school and Victor as a Russian model who Yuuri idolized. The author employs vivid imagery that does a wonderful job of painting a picture for the reader, and I loved how she included Makkachin throughout. This is a stellar fic that includes many coffee shop tropes in new and interesting ways, and excels in engaging the reader in the universe. As an ongoing story, this fic holds a lot of promise for future chapters!

"Paper Airplanes" by LunarTimeLady

Relationship: Victor/Yuuri

Genre: AU, Paperman

Editor's Note: This is an interesting and adorable Victuuri Paperman AU. It uses present tense, which makes it very unique and engaging, and the author does an excellent job of investing the reader even in such a short word count. This was an excellent read that I recommend to any fan of Disney, Victuuri, or both!

"The Snow Maiden" by Twelfthpaldi

Relationship: Otabek/Yuri

Genre: Future Fic

Editor's Note: A beautiful fic centered around the developing relationship of Yuri and Otabek. This fic takes place in the future, and has a heartbreaking and compelling storyline. The author creates a distinct style throughout the chapters, defining it’s setting and aesthetic easily with simple yet effective descriptors and writing. This is an ongoing story with a lot of promise as the story unfolds.

Issue 2

Easy as Pirozhki!! The Second Issue is Finally Here is the second issue of the zine. It was published on February 09, 2017. Like the first issue, it contained a collection of fanworks:

  • Four fanarts, one of which is Halloween themed.
  • Part two of Tempt Me Not by Yuzururu, a continuation of the fic from issue 1.
  • Three fanfic recommendations:
"this is how he loves you" by Perennials

Relationship: Victor/Yuuri

Genre: Canon, Episode 12 spoilers

This fic explores Victor and Yuuri’s relationship, beginning with the scene where Yuuri tells Victor he is going to retire. This was a very introspective fic that delved into Victor’s emotions and thoughts in a poetic and meaningful way. The author does an excellent job of employing descriptions and perspective to make a vivid and immersive story with a touching end. I would definitely recommend this fic to someone who is looking for an exploration of Victor and Yuuri’s touching moments and the couple’s emotions in the final episodes of the series.

"play to the fullest" by Emblems

Relationship: Otabek/Yuri

Genre: Canon, Episode 12 spoilers

This story explores Yuri and Otabek’s relationship, and Otabek’s feelings and thoughts as he watches Yuri win gold at the Grand Prix, and their interaction at the gala afterwards. This is a well-written and organized fic, and it portrays the dynamic between Otabek and Yuri very well. The author uses dialog and monolog to develop character and a clean style. Overall, this is a sweet story that builds on the relationship between Otabek and Yuri presented in the series excellently.

"message ( not ) received" by Animediac

Relationship: Victor/Yuuri

Genre: Future fic/canon divergence, character death

Message (not) received describes the story of Yuuri, left behind after Victor’s death in an accident. This story does not employ typical methods of narrative; instead, the author uses snippets of texts conversations, documents, and letters to set up a clear and stylistic story. This is a very unique fic with a distinct persona that is very enjoyable intriguing. It is incomplete, with promises of more chapters to come as the story unfolds. I really enjoyed this fic and thought the author’s ambitious story-telling method created a vivid yet understated scenario.