message ( not ) received

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Title: message ( not ) received
Author(s): animediac
Date(s): Jan 2017 - March 2017
Length: 7 chapters, 630 words
Genre: slash, future fic, deathfic
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
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Chapter 3 of the fic titled "written letter". It consists of only once sentence: "please don't leave me here alone". Due to this, the chapter has a lot of blank space.

message ( not ) received is a Yuri!!! on Ice deathfic by animediac.

The fic is written in sparse text with some chapters consisting of a single sentence, and others consisting of text messages and emails. It is set after the death of Victor Nikiforov and focuses on the aftermath of his death and the reactions from other characters. It is an incomplete fic with no updates since March 2017.

Reactions and Reviews

Message (not) received describes the story of Yuuri, left behind after Victor’s death in an accident. This story does not employ typical methods of narrative; instead, the author uses snippets of texts conversations, documents, and letters to set up a clear and stylistic story. This is a very unique fic with a distinct persona that is very enjoyable intriguing. It is incomplete, with promises of more chapters to come as the story unfolds. I really enjoyed this fic and thought the author’s ambitious story-telling method created a vivid yet understated scenario.[1]
Nice use of short and succinct sentences to drive in the feelings. The setup is a bit vague so I'd really like to know what happened.[2]


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